Nether Ever Land

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Got a good pair of headphones or a decent sound system??

Well, grab 'em, and turn em up! This song is called, "Nether Ever Land" and it was created by me, myself, and I! I turned it into a video so that I could upload it to the Tube and share it with you all. I hope you enjoy!

I have been playing with this whole, making music thing, off and on lately. I have played piano since I was five, picked up a guitar when I was fifteen and fell in love with it, taught myself how to sing. Then, just about a month ago I ran across some software for creating music on my laptop. It allows you to manipulate sound waves to create whatever sound that you would like (assuming that you can figure out how to make the sound, IT'S REALLY NOT THAT EASY!! LMAO)

It's a bit of a learning curve, but it's a lot of fun. I have made a few now, but this is my most recent one. Anyway, I hope that you all like it. Sorry, this will be a short post. It took me hours to create this music so I hope it's understood that the effort was there!

The reason that I said to grab a good pair of headphones or a sound system, is this: The sound profile is a little too big for sub-par speakers, so in order to really experience this, use something that you can really hear it on, and TURN IT UP!

Welcome, to "NETHER EVER LAND!"

By the way, if you like this, please also subscribe to my YouTube channel. Subscribe Here!


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I love this! Brilliantly done, not overly repetitive. Can't wait to hear more! :)

Thank you! :) I am very glad that you liked it. I'll post more when I do more and try to remember to tag you. :D

Jon, you using discord yet?

A little, I mean, I have one... @cwolfe211 I think

I figured it out @galenkp, it is badseedalchemist#9801

I sent a friend request.


Damn, you are so talented!!!!!! I couldn't turn it up as had to be quiet so as not to wake house but still, loved this sooo much!!!!

Thank you! I appreciate your kind words and I'm glad that you liked it! You DID get me lol!


💪 ☝️ 🤘 🤘

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This is awesome! This takes talent. I am jelly 😄. I never learned to play an instrument, BUT, I'm not done yet.

Thank you! That's right, we 'aint done yet! 🤘 ☝️ 🤩

🥰 absolutely

Great article!

Thank you much! :)

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