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RE: In the Land of Dreams

in OCD2 months ago (edited)

Kafranbel, Syria

Also please listen to this podcast. I hope you will find it interesting (Act two)

Also since you have fever I thought listening will be easier, adding a short tune...

From this American Life and WBEZ Chicago, this is Serial

This is a Global Tel-Link prepaid call from Adnan Syed, an inmate at a Maryland correctional facility.


Let me apologize first dada, for it took me this long to reply. I was in no shape to even hold a smartphone let alone turn on my laptop.

Radio Fresh's take on trying to help anyway they can realy struck a nerve somewhere in me dada! I mean who knew a radio could be used to such extents!! Loved the podcast! 22 min seemed a burden only half an hour ago. But now i think ive found my most favourite thing to listen to while i recover. Thanks:)

P.S. Couldn’t find the tel link call dada!

P.P.S loved the tune! Kinda catchy. Or it might be my fever speaking:vv

Take rest and listen to Serial.

Why does this feel so similar to True Detective, only more dystopian and a little less dramatized!!

It's a true story.... 100% true