Lets Talk about Dividend Income

in OCD21 days ago


When I say Dividend Income I am currently referring to Dividend Income from the Stock Market and not the Cryptocurrency Market and the reason I am talking about it right now is that recently I did receive my first ever Dividend Payout from a Stock that I own. I am from India so chances are a lot of you guys will not get the Stock I will be talking about but here goes.

About 3 months ago I bought few shares of GAIL which is a Natural Gas Exploration, Production, Processing, Distribution, and Marketing Company here in India. At that point in time, I had just started dabbling into stocks, and a company that deals in Natural Gases looked quite promising in my eyes. I did not even know that this stock paid dividends at that point in Time. Later on, I did learn that GAIL was one of the high dividend-paying stocks in India and I kinda lucked out on it. As I got almost 2.5% of my net Invested amount as a Dividend Payout.

Further, it is also said that this company pays dividends multiple times a year so considering that I may get upwards of 7.5% of my net Invested amount back as Dividends. SO yeah I feel like Investing in Dividend Yielding Stocks are good but you also have to make sure that the stock you are investing in has future potential and will give you profits as well as your usual dividends.