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RE: Summers at the Lake

in OCD4 months ago

Family drama is seemingly endless - LOL - the nature of tribes when they are socialized from an individual perspective. The lake looks gorgeous. I love teaching kids to feed fish.

Love the deep blue of the water - so calming and soothing.


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Thanks for checking it out! I appreciate the comment!

The water was really nice for a lake. I've seen a few lakes that are really dark and gloomy from the water but this one was actually very inviting. Not a lot of weeds or vegetation in the water which is nice but we haven't been on a boat exploring it yet. Hopefully someday we can get to that point!

We will definitely be having more fun and showing him other things about feeding the fish and turtles and stuff. I will take a picture of it but there's something very precious about the property related to turtles! More to come on that hehe.