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RE: Game Development | Outdoor Level Attempt Number 1

in OCDlast year

Hello @enjar, you said you would like to participate in RadaQuest betatesting, @ecoinstats can give you the oportunity to test a minigame of RadaQuest. If you want to test it, leave a comment here

By the way, this game you are creating would be a blockchain game?


Thank you for letting me know about that opportunity to apply for a spot. At this time I have quite a few other things I need to get around to. Hopefully in the future when I have more time there will be another opportunity to check it out.

As far as my own game. I’m expecting it will be a couple of years before releasing anything. While using NFT is an end goal I am not far enough along yet to fully work out such details. I have quite a lot to learn and with how far away things are I’m not committing to one thing or another for the time being.

Ok, don't worry, if you want to play other day just reach me.
Hope you make a fun game 👍