Rabona: Soccer Team Management on Hive - My current status

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Hello Hive Community

I recently started playing a new Hive game that has just entered Open Beta. The game is called Rabona. Here is the post about the game:


I also wrote an introduction post about the game:


*All Images are from @rondras and @oliverschmid and rabona.io

I started playing the game immediately after it entered Open Beta, and I have played the game for 2 days now. So Today I will be showing my current status. For later posts I will create more detailed posts of certain aspects of the game.

Rabona: My Current Status

As mentioned above, Rabona is a Soccer Team Management Team, and one important aspect of managing a soccer team is to have the soccer team play against other soccer teams and Win alot of matches.

This is the current league that I am in:


Apprentice Dragons is not doing too badly, so far we have played 6 games, won 5 and lost 1. I am currently leading in the league, however things can always change so I have to make sure that my team is always improving and not lacking in training

Results of the past games:


I lost a game to Valebcia CF, which was an interesting loss. Valencia CF is currently 13th in the league. I will train my team so that we are ready the next time we face Valencia again.

In order to improve my team, I have been scouting some new players:

Scouting results

Scouting is random and costs 20k RBN each time, so I dont do it often:

I mainly focus on Overall Strength for now since it is the Combined metric.

Overall Strenght: 51.1 - this is quite good actually, so I will be recruiting the player

Overall Strenght: 25.55 - quite disappointing, so unfortunately, I am release the player

Overall Strenght: 32.6 - very average

Overall Strenght: 45.4 - above average

I also have to be careful with the players on my team, as the salary cost could be costly. I currently have over 20 players, which is too much, so I may to let some players go.

So do you want to test out the game?

Always do your own research before you put money in a game

(it costs $5 to start playing the game)

If you interested in testing out the game:
Here is the referral link.


But you don't have to use my referral link if you don't want to. No Stress :)

Hope you enjoyed the post.

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I'm probably going to sign up... But I need to scrounge up enough HIVE first...

No worries captain, whenever you are comfortable and ready

I finally signed up... But I blanked and used the Rising Star referral link instead... Ooops. :(

Thanks for the post. Still not sure I have enough time to play it.

@tipu curate

No problem captain @mawit07. It takes some time initially to get everything set up, then it really does not take too much time. I will write a post later of how much time you can expect to spend on the game daily.

I also have to be careful with the players on my team, as the salary cost could be costly.

Exactly. But 20 is okayish.

Before I noticed, I now have close to 30, so I may need to let some go.