I tried out a new Hive Blockchain Game: cryptobrewmaster. What is it about and how to play the game.

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Hello Hive Community

So I tried out a new Hive Blockchain Game called Cryptobrewmasters.

All Images are from @cryptobrewmaster


In essence it is a game where you brew beer, simple enough right... lol. The game is still in Alpha and has only just started quite recently. I was testing out the game and only recently did I play the game quite frequently. So today I decided to create a post of what the game is about and how to play it.


If you want to play the game, you will need to have a Hive Account, you can then log in via Hive Keychain or Hivesigner. I prefer using Hive Keychain to log in, but it is really up to you.

Once logged in you will see this page:


You will see that there are alot of areas that are locked at the moment. This is because the game has just started, so the actions are limited at the moment. lets go through each of the icons on this screen.

In game token and energy


  • CBM is the in game token, and I currently have 21.36 tokens
  • The lightning symbol is the energy that I have which is 8. Energy is required to perform daily quests which I will go through later.
  • It seems that my avatar is a Cat, I have no idea how to change that haha.



Currently there are only 2 buildings that you can access in the game:

  1. Beer Factory, which is the first icon

This is where you brew the beer so that you can sell to the Pub.

  1. Pub, which is the second icon

This is where you can perform daily quests so you can earn ingredients to brew beer.
It is also where you can buy beer to increase your energy.
Lastly, you can also sell you Beer to the Pub to earn CBM tokens

You could either click on the icon in the top left corner or click on the building itself.

How to Brew Beer in game:


I am no expert in creating beer, but the game makes it easy for you. It is basically a clicking game. To create beer you need 5 things:

  1. Brewing Water
  2. Row Barley Malt
  3. Local Bittering hops
  4. Local Aroma hops
  5. Yeast

Then you click Start, and you will wait:


It currently takes around 6 hours to create 1 beer. However, you can speed it up with CBM tokens.

Once the brewing process is done, you will get a beer of a specific grade:

  • Neutral 68.8%
  • Good 25.6%
  • Outstanding 4.27%
  • Excellent 1.07%
  • Masterpiece 0.27%

The percentage is dependent on the grade of ingredients that you put in. I used mainly neutral ingredients so it is unlikely for me to create a masterpiece.

How do you sell Beer:

You go to the Pub:


You click on the Counter in the middle:


So you can see I have 4 neutral beers and 2 Good beers. I can then sell them for CBM tokens.

How to you complete quests

You go to the Pub:


You click on the Bulletin Board


At the moment you really just need time and energy in game to complete the quests.
Some will require CBM which you will get from selling beers in game.

How is it so far

I have been playing another Hive Blockchain game called RisingStar, and it is a passive game, meaning you dont really need a lot of time and you can enjoy the game. CryptoBrewMaster seems a bit similar to RisingStar so I have been trying it out for some time. There are a limited amount of options at the moment for this game, so it is a bit repetitive at the moment but hopefully there will be more options going forward. I look forward to the updates.

So do you want to test out the game?

The game is still in alpha, so it is still free now to try out the game.

Always do your own research before you put money in a game
If you interested in testing out the game:
Here is the referral link.


But you don't have to use my referral link if you don't want to. No Stress :)

Hope you enjoyed the post.

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A very nice tutorial for the at the moment existing possibilities.


Thanks @pundito

Well done captain, your guide is awesome, easy to understand!

I think this one might be too early in development for me to enjoy but I'll give it a try anyway.

Thanks a lot for your post, I've just started the game and don't know where to go. So your guide helps !

awesome walkthrough dude!

Honestly I went through it to check if I was missing stuff! Been brewing for a while and this is also how far I got. Having fun though!


Great post. I just started playing this game . I can not wait to see more things come into the game . For now I’ll have fun just brewing beer everyday.
Thanks for sharing.


😁 you are one of the best challenges I try to compete! Keep it up!

haha, thanks @forykw. I tried to keep up with you on dCity and I gave up

tried this already. Looks like there are some improvements. It was boring then.

I've also been playing this game for 14 days now. Now the interest is gone. There is nothing new, no movement. Now I'm just waiting in the hope that maybe .......