Let's talk about FWP's (First World Problems)

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Not too long ago I read a post about "First world problems"

Let's first look up what the interwebs say about "First world problems":

fwp definition.pngSource

Anyway, back to the reason I decided to write about this topic. The post I'm talking about was written by @galenkp and can be found here, until the moment I read about his first world problem, I thought I was probably just being unreasonable as I seemed to be the only one having this "issue". So what am I talking about exactly? Below a screenshot from his post:


It turns out that we are FWP-buddies, and all the other people that don't have an issue with this problem are the crazy ones. Look, even @galenkp said it:


Glad we got that cleared up and out of the way. It's defo not us, it's all of you that think this is normal! It got me thinking about other first world problems on my end. And I told @galenkp that I'd write my own post about it, so here we are today.


Although I probably have plenty of "First World Problems"

Of course, when I want to write about them, I suddenly can't remember them. Ugh, I so hate when that happens. It's like when you have a discussion with your other half and one of you tells the other that you "always do this or that" and the other person asks for examples but suddenly you can't remember them lol. This is what I felt like when I thought about the first world problems in my life. I don't want to write this post without having such a great example as @galenkp, but I couldn't get the damn topic out of my mind the last days, so here we go. Let's see what I come up with.


Steemit first world problems I've encountered

This is probably going to sound snobby while it's meant to be funny. There was this time in my Steemit career that I was always hoping for @curie to drop a vote on my post. Not that small trail, no, you guys know what I'm talking about! That big fat trail where @hendrikdegrote still had a HUGE vote. But as I was also in training to become a curie curator, I knew that this was often a slow process and my posting schedule always meant a long breath to find out if the curie curators found the post worthy enough to vote.

Other recent earnings were also important, and therefore I always knew when I may had a shot of getting lucky to receive the "big curie". Usually I didn't qualify (lucky me!) because my rewards were too high to qualify.

But you know, even with nice earnings, sometimes I needed a break or couldn't get myself to write for a while, meaning I had no earnings. I hated it, seriously, seeing 0 pending rewards in my steemworld page. So after these breaks I tried to give it my all so that hopefullly, curie would find my post and vote it.

The first problem I refer to is the moment that my post got upvoted above a few bucks, meaning I knew Curie wasn't going to consider voting my post anymore.


Of course I'm well aware that I should be grateful for the support I already found during my early days on the platform, and I am. But this was a typical example I wanted to share because let's be honest, it was a first world problem!


One first world problem I found online made me think:

That I can relate to, maybe you can as well:

image.pngby Matthewpriest

1 Cracking Your Phone's Screen
Devastating. The only word you can use to describe it. And no, that's not exaggerating the severity of the situation at all.

I remember the first time this happened to me, it indeed felt as if my world just ended. Boy, what an idiot I was, attached to my smartphone as if it was glued to my hands. When the screen cracked into a 1000 pieces and I had actual glass on my hands, I honestly thought my life was over. Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but you get what I mean, right?

Back then I was still so materialistic that I can't even relate to who I was at the time anymore, stuff like a mobile phone, so important as it was back then, so non-important is it now. Of course, I want to have one and be available in case something happens, but back in the days I'd have the newer model every year, while now this is an outdated one and who cares? I don't anymore. As long as it works, it's completely fine by me.

Looking at this first world problem, and comparing my own thoughts and behaviour back then with who I am today, it shows me that I probably had many more FWP's back in the days as I was so materialistic. I'm not as attached to my belongings anymore as I was in my teenage years, thankfully. Probably my biggest first world problem nowadays is, if I take the tram or subway to my daughters school. LOL.


People change, and so do our problems. Some problems may be experienced as such while we are young, while in the future we have other things that throw us off our feet. I'm glad life comes with lessons that make us feel more confident to overcome hurdles so that they will not feel like problems anymore in the future.

Thanks for reading!

If you have some first world problems to share, leave a comment below!



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the food stuff is weird :P

not sure is it a problem but it made me feel (not even sure what but it affected me and it is funny) just few days ago someone in oracle-d has miss hit something and gave my post a 100% vote, and the post was in trending, even i was thinking wtf is this post dooing in trending, but 6 hours later someone else in oracle-d just thought why the f. someone clicked 100% and just unvoted it. i feel it is a first world problem that something like that could affect me, and i don't even live in the first world country :D

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