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A fridge filled with veggies

That has been a while honestly, but it's our current state of the fridge (lol). Filled with colours and it looks nice honestly. As I mentioned in other posts, we are trying to get a better lifestyle in several ways. Not only did we both stop smoking, both of us are also motivated to introduce a much healthier diet and start excercising. Rome wasn't built in one day, so I'm trying to change things slowly and not follow extreme diet rules. I think focussing on improving what we eat every day will work better than cutting out all the bad things at once and having cravings for everything that's forbidden. Some things I'm honestly (at this point) not even willing to part with, for example my so beloved coffee. But I won't say that will never happen, as getting healthier is all about the mindset. My mind just doesn't want to quit drinking coffee yet, so no point in trying, right?

There's a whole world out there with (super) food we never even tried

Or let's even make it crazier, things we never even heard of. Boyfriend for example never heard about quinoa, while I had heard about it but never actually saw what it looks like, let alone tasted it. Yesterday I was actually looking for some other things in the bio supermarket but turned home with quinoa and some other things. I was wondering what to do with it and just looked up some recipes with quinoa and baby spinach as that was what I planned on eating yesterday. I got totally lost in the world of recipes that I ended up making a "quick and simple lunch dish" for dinner to try out the quinoa.

quinoa first time.jpg

I know the picture doesn't look really great, I actually almost forgot to take one as daughter decided to throw a tantrum at me while prepping dinner. So excuse me for the bad picture. I just filled a bowl with quinoa, baby spinach, cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, red onion and some slices of bacon (without the fat edges), pepper and salt and just a little yoghurt dressing.

I honestly expected it to taste horrible and that we'd be hungry afterwards. Both assumptions were wrong, we loved it and even the portion was big enough. Feta cheese is probably forbidden in healthier diets, but give me some slack, I'm trying to do my best here haha.

Finally, one of the avocados is ripe enough to eat

At least, I thought it was going to be ready to be consumed this morning, but honestly, one more day would have been better. So the other two waiting to be eaten will have to be patient for a few more days, lol. Anyway, let's have a look at my breakfast for champions this morning.

I used one round bun with different seeds. I cut the avocado in half, each half is for one part of the bun. As you can see, the avocado wasn't ripe enough so I cut small pieced and put it on the bun as the first layer. I also added some salt and a lot of pepper. Then a layer of baby spinach leaves.

avocado spinach.jpeg

Meanwhile, I boiled water with a little bit of apple vinegar in it to poach an egg. I only poached an egg once before, yesterday evening, when my boyfriend showed me how to. I had no clue haha. So there's a first time for everything, this was my first time poaching an egg. Today I wanted to poach an egg to top off my sandwich.

breakfast for champ endresult.jpg

Besides the misformed poached egg, it looks nice if you ask me. Time to test if the egg was poached long enough (but not too long either).

poached egg.jpg

Consider it approved, this works for me! Time to taste this first-time breakfast combination. I can tell you, it was delicious! I also ate the other half and where I normally would have craved for lunch, I'm still good. So this is probably going to be my breakfast more often. I used to make a quick breakfast and never really took the time to prepare it, while we all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I hope that I can add a healthy breakfast in my routine from now on.

So what's for lunch?

I think I will eat some quinoa with a lot of vegetables for lunch later on, which will not take me too much time but hopefully will give me a boost until dinner time. Not sure about our dinner today yet, but I will try to make it healthy.

What did you eat today? If you want to share it, leave a comment below.



Protein is important

Wheeww.. that's really look like a Champ Breakfast😉 Glad that you really try to live healthily now. Breakfast is never my favourite meal time.. but I'd love to try that bun with poach egg😊 congratulations on first time succeed😂

I'll share my food later.. because it's friday and it's time for the #fff or @foodfightfriday 😉

Lol, thanks :) I added the #fff tag. not sure if that works because I don't see it when I click on the tag.. have a good weekend!

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I love poached eggs. I Always make it at home :)


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