Donating Hive to Indonesian Disaster Care. Let's Do This Together

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Covid-19 is not the only worst thing that still kills humans, especially in Indonesia.

The beginning of the year was not a good start for my country, Indonesia. Various disasters occur like heavy rain which continues without stopping every day. Indonesia grapples with earthquake, flooding, landslides, and fallout from Sriwijaya Air crash

Starting from @macchiata's POST who is also a HIVE user from Indonesia, I finally sent some HIVE for Donating to Indonesian Disaster Care.

I entrust this donation through @macchiata, and @macchiata has updated her post on sending funds to a related party.

I sent 200 HIVE and I hope my small donation will contribute to the disaster victims in Indonesia.

Sending HIVE.png

If you want to Donate Some Hive for Indonesian Disaster Care, you can directly send HIVE to @macchiata.

You can read complete news about the list of natural disasters in Indonesia here:

Thank you for reading my post and I really appreciate the support from all of you.


BTW, I will wait for 7 days until this post is finished with the payout. That'll give some more time just in case anyone is reading and interested in helping. So I can round up everything all at once.

It is very sad news, but Great initiative and undoubtly you are doing great.
I am going to check the post of macchiata.

Thank you for your participation to help Indonesian. Wish U healthy

Good job for humanity

Yeah. You can donate directly to them :)

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Good Philanthropic work!
Congratulations for you.
Cheer !wine

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