3rd floor Coffee Shop Near The Sea

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Hi my beloved hive friends : welcome back again with my post for today is about The view of the 3rd Floor Coffee Shop near the sea.


This is the 3rd Floor in the Coffee Shop that I described (wrote about) in the article yesterday. And this is the atmosphere, actually I have been up here before but I haven't remembered what the real atmosphere is like above this coffee shop, and I happen to be able to take this picture and also have a look at it later. Around there all buildings and buildings are all the same as seeing ordinary buildings.


It's just different, we can see the height of the 3rd floor, most of them above other buildings, are all empty, and there are also some that have clotheslines on top. If you look around, the atmosphere is definitely fun and good. I think on the 3rd floor this coffee shop is empty, apparently there is a room too but it looks like the room that works in the coffee shop. If lying on the third floor it is really cold.



It's cold because there is sea breeze, cold here is different from other cold, cool here is comfortable and good, if it's cold other places will feel cool. Even though the weather is hot outside, but because there is a sea breeze it doesn't feel hot, so it's normal as usual, only the skin feels hot aroused. That's all I can write about this article, hopefully it will bring blessings.



This is the second part of my previous post, keep the spirit and keep working.



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