The Blogger & The Woman (Sher-locked)

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Another Sherlock illustration for the day! I am absolutely loving these and after a really long time I feel that I am getting the creative juices flowin'. It's always fun to read small stories and/or snippets in whatever form (newspapers, posters, flyers, story illustrators on IG, etc) I personally love this form of story telling. Right now I am trying to cartoon-ise these characters just to keep it fun along with some of their dialogues.

Beginning a new sketchbook just for creative drawing has been immensely helpful instead of slipping them here and there! Let me know if you guys enjoy such form of art too!









Keep Creating

Lots Of Love <3


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Thank you so much!

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Cool, I love such kind of short story telling and have even tried to do something like that in my last post.

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Oh I will check it out for sure then!

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