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RE: C is for: Thoughts on censorship, downvoting and token value

in OCDlast year

It's going to be interesting with communities and SMT's on top of them, in the case of those two losers I think front-ends are quickly going to mute them and their votes rendering them as ghosts lurking around the deep parts of the chain finding it harder and harder to get any attention when they've already resulted in using the cheapest form of attention generation which currently is unfair/malicious downvotes due to grudges or other things.

It's funny how things work really, you try to clean this place up so the currency and economy becomes more solid by downvoting their garbage farming which in turn should increase the value of their own investment and this is the thanks you get, lol. Imagine what they could be doing with their stake to help Steem and their own investment, instead they autovote what seems at random on as many accounts as possible while targetting a few accounts for downvotes. I don't often use vulgar language on chain but if people have proven what kind of assholes they are with their actions and how they stubbornly attempt to continue to game a higher ROI while retaliating on smaller users that dare to disagree on their rewards, I don't care much of what I say to those people as they've deserved it in my opinion.


ghosts lurking around the deep parts of the chain finding it harder and harder to get any attention

I think there are going to be a few of them in the sewers. Sewer coin might become a thing that they start in order to try and build a community, and they will lurk down there until Pickle Rick rolls into town.

Yeah, they are still trying to maximize their upvotes in some way with 5% all over the place. The funny thing is that sometimes Flysky has upvoted me 3% and then flagged my next post 100% - the actions of the insane.

I am counting on that at the end of the day, these people won't matter at all and while they will benefit from other people's hard work - they will always know that it is no thanks to them. Perhaps it is just me, but I value my participation and work here - regardless of the value of the coin.