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Ugh, I hate people who write their titles in all caps. Desperate times call for desperate measures, though.

I've written 2-3 posts about this in the past, here's one and here's another but the interest has been rather low so here's another attempt.

Let's keep it short for those who could be a good fit for this program but have the attention span of millennials (like myself)

We have set up an approach and onboarding initiative with OCD and it's all there ready to be used, all we need now is the wo/manpower to get it rolling. Time is money steem so there's also rewards for everyone's efforts. We had a trial run and it went way better than expected:

Out of 18 total attempts where contact was made and a reply occurred, 6 of them joined Steem

Here's the compilation post of the new content creators we onboarded which will generate part of the rewards for your activities, both attempts and successful onboards will count so your time won't be wasted if you have an unlucky streak!

Here's a few qualities we're looking for in you as an onboarder:

  1. Fluent english
  2. Discord (most activities will work through it)
  3. Decent knowledge of Steem or how things work around here
  4. A somewhat active social media account (facebook/twitter/reddit)
  5. Add other reasons why you'd be good as an onboarder if you lack any of the other points above.

Please let us know if you're interested in this post or contact me on Discord by either joining our server or DM me directly @ Acidyo#8038.

Once in our discord we will guide you through the process we've set up but improvisation is welcomed. Regard this project as still in beta and many things can still change and the most fair solution for everyone involved will be the final one. There will be no middle-man cuts or beneficiaries for the owners of the project, all participants will be rewarded depending on the effort put into it.

Why this is so important, especially now.

Since the EIP a lot more stake is curating now and even though we have one of the biggest crypto communities out there we could do much better. Yes, we lack marketing, yes we lack some tools, but with a little extra effort we can help showing other content creators what they are missing out on.

Our chain is one of the best and most scalable out there, so let's not wait for steemit.com to fix a faster account creation system or wonder when they'll start marketing. We can do all of this already and the network effect if done consistently over some time with the right incentives and incentivizing content creators to invite their followers as well it can go a very long way. Community is the most important aspects of Steem and so let's grow it one person at a time.

50% beneficiaries to @sbdpotato, other 50% to @teamocd for future giveaways/tournaments to participants and new players joining Steem.

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It's a pity that within the requirements you name I lack one, and that is a fluent command of English, and by being honest the translators leave us Spanish speakers in a bad position, in particular I think that you @acidyo are one of the ones who contribute the most so that steemit can really establish itself as what it really is, that is to say, an avant-garde platform.

In reference to what you said at the beginning of the article about the use of capital letters, I don't like them either, apart from the grammar, it seems that they already started to scold you with the only capital letters.

Although I can't participate in your project because of the lack of fluent English, since I only use translator, and I recognize that it's not very good, I humbly try to generate content that can contribute and enhance steemit as a social network that brings value to the man of the present.

Greetings @acidyo and thank you for educating us more and more with your contributions to the steem platform.

I'm hoping that once this project is off the ground and established we can also add other languages to it, thank you for trying though and your activity on steem!

They consider anyone who doesn't speak English as a subhuman, they are even against their native language, probably why they are facing extinction.

They would rather burn steem as they are actually doing than give it to the people who deserve it like you and many others, hence I advise you to stop trying to reason with milk. You are just a piece of shit to them.

You are just a piece of shit to them.

No, just you.

Always overreacting Hah! Are you ovulating or something? Won't be surprised if it's the case tho considering your girly soft voice in your streams.

A greedy hypocrite with a severe case of cognitive dissonance, I think you need another round of gambling, no I mean onboarding.

Keep on kissing asses,

At least I don't go around complaining and doing nothing while stalking people I don't like, enjoy being a nobody who's worth nothing to anyone.

I would prefer to be nobody and hunt boars than a soy boy who is constantly going on an ass-kissing spree to get validation from other people.

Enjoy your fame,

Say what you want about me, couldn't care less, but if you gonna come onto my post and reply to people how I don't give a shit about them you clearly know nothing and I'll continue to tell you to get the fuck back in your basement. :)

Facts don't care about your feelings, just get over it.

Downvoted for all caps.

Actually I'm kidding. Not downvoted.

Omg I almost retaliated on all burnposts!

Hi! I has made my first Onboarding this month.

Time ago I wrote on Discord channel about being part of this project, but I did not receive a negative or positive response. So I started doing the job by my own. I think this is a good project :)


PS: Onboarding | Cuenta de Steem con Token INV para @joyglam

Good initiative, we'll be focusing on this now again and hope you're still interested in joining. Giving everyone interested the role in discord today so they can check the channels we already got going and then do a quick FAQ on how to proceed.

All right, thanks!

I did see your previous posts, in fact i actually resteemed one to remind myself to come to talk to you and I still forgot. I will send you a DM

I am still seeing new people, but the #introduceyourself tag is hardly busy nowaways. Almost every day I'm looking for the next great new talent.

The Facebook crew appear immune to my efforts of enticement, though I cross-post on Twitter sometimes.

Well done with getting anyone on-board.. I'm here to help if I can.. though it may be sporadic at times.

LOL, I can try.... ;)

Expect a message from me soon. If I'm not ready now, when will I be?

Exactly! :) Would be great to have you onboard. Also for anyone reading, this is a "do whenever you have time to" so no need to be committed or anything.

I believe we need more content consumers and, of course, better content which will be encouraged by the number of content consumers. If I am producing content never to be seen, or for two consumers (can be readers for blog posts, viewers for videos, or listeners if I am making music or whatever), then I will not care that much about quality. Even this post, @acidyo, you are a Steemit user which I know for plenty years now, and used to have tens of comments, people fighting for your attention, now you only got a few real readers here. I hope I am just pessimistic about the real situation...

You're right, we lack consumers more than creators but right now it's a lot more about everyone wanting to become a creator hence quality drops. We're hoping that with bringing in new content creators that already have somewhat of a following we'll manage to incentivize them to also bring in their own consumers. It's way harder to recruit consumers than creators so we trying to do what we can.

This sounds like a positive initiative. I'll message you on Discord later tonight to find out more :^)

Awesome, will be replying to everyone soon!

Best initiative, I have always tried to say that the lack of a clear uptake guidelines on new comers might be the reason why few are here, Kenyans. Am reaching out because I know a few who have given up on steem and others who might be interested to join with this amazing time.

@acidyo, I do cross post on twitter for most of my interesting content like this and this and also do meet all the requirement you mentioned in your post. Let me know how I can help.

Thank you @acidyo for this call again.
I am interested in the onboarding role. I have always been on this right from when I joined steem two years ago. I onboard new users averagely once a week.

I possess all the qualities outlined as requirements. Besides, I am working on educational piece concerning Steem and looking out for the best simple way to guide new users through having a great content creation career on this blockchain.

Besides, if thr new user is within my geographical reach, my Hub serves as a meeting and training point.

Finally, I'm building a good reputation on Twitter particularly in promoting steem contents.

Looking forward to your response.

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It is all a no for me, except perhaps #3. Good luck.

My Twitter presence is growing at a decent rate. I believe something like 750+ followers in the last 6 months. I kind of got a system down for connecting with like minded American patriots so that would be a good demographic for me to hit as they are more often then not the targets of centralized media censorship.

As you may well know, I have plenty of other things I got going on w Steem and w my kids at home so can't guarantee I will be able dedicate a lot of time but I most def can get an onboarding side grind going. I'm already been part of @steemonboarding and helped figure out the SSL on the website but that's more techie need stuff! 🤓

I've already built one community so reckon I have enough energy to get another one going! Also, our bot has plenty of account creation tickets. Was considering setting up an account creation faucet that would accept our Steem-Engine token to create an account and send the keys back in an encrypted memo.

I think that's well within my capability to create. Not so savvy to the keychain / SteemConnect2 methods but wanna figure that out. I understand how much of a benefit onboarding is and how that's pretty much the big resistance that must be overcome before people get hooked.

Lol sounds like I'm a drug dealer or something. 😅

I also contacted on discord but still no reply that’s why I am replying here as well.

This is first time I am reading your post on Steemit about onboard initiative and I want to be an because I have little bit good explanation skills about things I already bring my friends on steemit after I joined Steemit by explaining them about it. Some of them are as @rajan1995,@rahul1998 , @arif1998 , @akkibadboy , @arbaz4455
At this time @rahul lost there private key after that he said I will create another account but nowadays he is busy in studies so it is not possible at this time. And in skills you mentioned I have problems with social media platforms like Twitter because I don’t use everyday or actively I have accounts on all social media platforms but I don’t have that much interest on those platforms after I created account on Steemit and it is an real thing

Hi there acidyo!
I know some guys in Twitter that should be with us but never be able to bring them, maybe because Steem Blockchain in fact is difficult to understand, maybe because I didn't do my best...
Well I can try again.
If you think it fit your idea I'm here.
Cheers and congrats for one more initiative :)


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Hola @acidyo!
Sería un gusto incorporarme a este proyecto...
Bueno, usted cuenta conmigo, ok!


I really believe we should also try to bring back Steemians who produced good quality posts but got lost along the way, whether it be through personal life issues or the drop in Steem; worth a try if each one of us try and DM an old Steemit friend!

We welcome anyone who comes back, of course many have left and many joined for the wrong reasons. Instead of focusing on bringing back those that left there's plenty of new people who have never even experienced Steem or know about its advantages outside of the rewards which many often focus on and it gives them a bad user experience. I've been curating far and wide for over 3 years now and it pains me how many left with empty promises so I'd prefer to give new people a chance over those who were here once but I wouldn't hold it against them if they came back.

Very true, many do join for the wrong reasons; I just love that Steemit has given me the opportunity to express stuff close to my heart and meeting kindred spirits along the way; getting a good reward for a post one has put all your heart and soul into is a bonus!
I know one or two who left because of personal circumstances though.
Thank you for what you do for all of us here!

They won't do it because they know that those people know how the system is flawed and unfair, they will instead try to convince new clowns to jump in and use them as a false demonstration of effectiveness as mentioned above in the post.

Is there any incentive for influencers to bring their followers?
@keisy was crucified for a commercial post she made and from there the votes were taken away. It is difficult to take care of the platform and recommend it.
They deleted the presentation video, verified on twitter with 3speak and steemcleaners did not want to recognize it, it was very stressful for her to verify her identity 3 times, so that in the end they fall to flags for a commercial video ...
Then I wonder why bring another influencer if he has to deal with so much protocol

Hey Acid! You should take a look at my last post (It has to do with this). I think you'll be very interested and, I'd love if you can support it. Let me know <3


(4 hours working on a post, omg it's 4 am, I need to sleep)

I will help where I can. Got a few hundred Twitter followers, but a fair few are already on Steem. I have recruited people there by offering to create accounts for them, but not had any takers recently. I keep my Facebook circle fairly small, but some friends have joined. They just don't seem to keep it up though. Some people are just not interested in blogging or other stuff on here. That's why we need lots of options in dapps etc. Somehow we need to reach the critical mass where Steem gets interesting for those with something to promote.

@derangedvisions has been discussing this project with me for some time, I'm going to work along side him to contribute to it because it will work more efficiently. I have 8000+ Twitter followers and promote Steem posts to it regularly - but have other ideas I am working on myself as well.

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Hey. What is the best way to chat with you. I have a potential new user / content creator I want to speak with you about.

Acidyo#8038 on Discord

compilation post of the new content creators we onboarded

The hypocrisy within, I wonder how many of them are currently active.