How to De-Steemit Steem: Servers Front-ends and Account Recovery

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I'm sure you all know that Steemit is not Steem. However, did you know that even if you are an ardent supporter of this fact you may still be reliant on Steemit? Well, today, I want to help you change that.

The first place to start is SteemWorld make sure it says

There are a few things we will do here including Change Recovery Account, Change Witness Proxy (optional), change Steem Site (on SteemWorld and Discord), and change Steem Node.

The goal is to remove anything controlled or operated by Steemit from Steem.


Why not, unless you are living under a rock (continue), you probably know Steemit is now Tron. We need to Show Tron that Steemit is not Steem and that we can and will react to anything we don't like in a hurry.

To be clear, this isn't a call for drastic action. I'm hopeful Justin Sun will listen to and respect the community and protect his investment. We should work together when it seems like a good thing to do.

Rather, this is a defensive strategy similar to having a lock on your door or a password on your account. We can say we don't need to trust him, but we should also make it clear by action that we don't need to. Being a blockchain guy, he should respect this sort of decentralization.

Moving on to what we can do.

Note: Some of this stuff requires high-level permissions (including owner Key!)

I want to minimize the sources used so I am only using, I trust @steemchiller. He was one of the first developers around here to get funding from @steem.dao and his code has been out there for everyone to see and scrutinize. In any case, you can always change your password as soon as you are done.

Changing Your Recovery Account

recovery account.JPG

This is the most difficult task we will cover, it's also the most important. Your recovery account is the account you will have to contact if you lose access to your Steem account. Make sure it is someone you trust. It is best if you know each other personally because ID verification will be simple.

Quick Note on Account Recovery

...maybe someone stole it, maybe you were 'hacked', or maybe you changed your password and forget your new one. In any case, after this happens you have 30 days to change it back if you remember your last private owner/master key.

Although you should never use your owner key unless you absolutely have to, this procedure is safe. The person you set as recovery CANNOT steal your Steem account. They can only change the password if they have access to a password used in the last 30 days. Although I want to skip the details, if you do it right (generate a new password and give them the PUBLIC owner key), they will never have access to your new or recent password. Also, this operation can only be done once every 30 days.

If you are like me, you signed up for Steem on one of several Steem based front-end websites. You may notice that your recovery account says @steem. This is an account owned by @steemit. Basically, you gave them your email and phone number or something for a free account. They are your recovery person. I don't know anyone at Steemit and they don't know me. We don't have to trust each other, but let's change this to someone I trust.

How to Change

  1. In the first panel with your account name, Navigate to the 'General Data' Tab, click 'Change Recovery Account'
  2. Enter the New recovery account (make sure it is correct, ideally, it should be someone you know personally for verification purposes and trust)
  3. Enter your private owner key (never share this anywhere, this is basically the only thing you should use it for, I only have mine written offline and I'm still tempted to change my password)

When done you should see a message that says 'Recovery Account Changed', in my case, it didn't change right away, but I noticed the action below in the 'Account Operation' tab. Job well done.

If you don't have any real-life Steem friends (why not make some?), but need a recommendation on who to change your account to, I cannot help you. Maybe you should ask someone you trust on Steem like a witness. Remember if anyone steals your account, their reputation will be done overnight, so pick someone with too much to lose. Also, I would recommend choosing someone who is active, because if they disappear for over 30 days, you could be doomed in an emergency situation.

Change Witness Proxy

Voting for witnesses is extremely important. You should do it or let someone else do it for you.

You can do this on the same tab as the account recovery. I'm not going to do it myself (I enjoy choosing my own 30 witnesses), however, if you find it to be bothersome, set a proxy. This will mean you just vote for whoever your proxy votes for. It's great for secondary accounts, too!

Witness Proxy.JPG

I recommend to set it to some witness you like such as @blockbrothers. I respect the people running that server as there are a few of them doing it and they are involved in the community. Most of all about once a month, they release a proxy report where they explain who they are voting for and why. Even if you don't want to set them as your proxy, it's worth taking a look at their research and opinion. Trust me when I say these people have too much to lose by voting for idiots or something.

Setting Steem Site and Steem Node

Here we can see Steemit appears twice ;(

The Steem Site is just the site that opens when you click a link on Steem World, since we are here to de-Steemit Steem, even trivial nonsense like this is necessary.

The Steem Node is the full node you trust to grab data from when using Steem World.

I set my site to Steem Peak (best site to access Steem) and my node to @anyx (I also tossed him a witness vote). Actually, I'm not sure why I'm using his node, it was first alphabetically.

Go the extra mile:

Actually, most Steem sites have these options (check settings or ask) and you should set it on all of the ones you use a lot.

Let's All Use SteemPeak!

From now on I will not share Steemit links on any social media (Twitter/Facebook/Discord) or whatever. I won't click them either and I will remove Steemit's authorization (I already did this).

However, I need to use something popular, why not SteemPeak? They are better in almost every way.

Today I saw this:

Alexa Rank.JPG

As mentioned, Steemit isn't nearly as good as SteemPeak, but for some odd reason, it is more popular. Together we can reverse those numbers.

Also, please consider supporting the @steempeak proposal here:

Steempeak can use that money to make Steem even better. I trust they will develop their front end to be better. They didn't just 'ninja mine' 70 million or so Steem to raise funds for their website, they made it on their own. Why not vote their witness while you are at it?

Thank you for reading and I hope I helped you De-Steemit Steem a little.
If you have any suggestions to #De-Steemit-Steem, please share below. Also, please ask for help if you don't understand.

Steem is the community and the blockchain, not Steemit.

#De-Steemit-Steem #posh #oc #twitter:

PS don't tag Steemit, if you must tag a front end, I suggest #SteemPeak


to do this because you really like Steempeak and want to is one thing.

to do this because TRON owns Steemit is nonsense. Unless there is a hardfork there is no need for anyone to change what they like doing.

The Steempeak people do some good stuff and will continue to.

The Steemit team also do good stuf and will continue to do so. They have come out that they are 100% pro-Steem and will continue to be. For the response to be ... that's nice.. screw you .. we're supporting all the other parts of Steem. That's insane.

They remain part of the Steem family.

As for not clicking Steemit links, it's okay for you to get the SEO benefits that they have developed and the exposure that those on bring but don't support them. More nonsense.

The idea of De-Steemit is knee-jerk reaction.

I do agree with a lot of what you said. I don't think the Tron buy outbis bad. But I don't feel they automatically deserve our trust or suppport. They can earn it.

The true power of steem is in decentralization and steemit has had too much authority around here for too long.
Selling to Tron was a line for some people and a wake up call for others. I understand people who don't mind or don't worry. I'm not particularly worried myself.
You have a good point about this being and pandering to knee-jerk reactions.

I can always set it back or embrace steemit again. The main idea is to show people how it is done and the options. My writing style is just the issue.

For the longest time I linked steemit because it was most popular. People know it. However, I want to promote Steem as more than steemit now. In my mind steemit is just the most popular dapp. But the d in their dapp is more questionable than the d in other dapps.

Very useful post.

One edit needed:

I want to minimize the sources used so I am only using

should be


Glad you find it useful. Recovery update is very important if you got an account made from a no longer active account.

Well-noted about, Thanks for the correction.

It is probably the tool I use most. I might not be logged in to Steem...yet steemworld is always there running on a tab. Always.

PS. I don't think his code is completely open sourced. Just saying...

I usually have it open when I have my pc on, but for mobile, it is still a little cumbersome.

You are right about open source. He was planning on opening more when his proposal was being funded. I remember some controversy between him and other developers because he was getting funded to develop something that wasn't yet fully opensource. It is probably the wrong word to use this term, but the main point is he doesn't collect private information and that has been confirmed. ever received any significant funding because large stakeholders increased the required support in SPS as soon as it qualified. I think it revealed the corrupt nature of whale/witness/developer actors only supporting their friend's pet projects, some of them questionable, and running off a legitimately good programmer who donated a lot of time to the chain by not funding a great tool.

I'm not sure of the full story. He isn't currently asking the community for support from what I've noticed. Maybe he is taking a break or workimg on something else.

In anycase, a lot of end users like it and the more technically inclined know this. It's a beautiful website!

I try to send him a bit of STEEM each week or two.

That's a good idea, I kinda regret not setting him beneficiary, I'll send him a couple SBD now to cheer him up!

I agree and supported his SPS proposal but I thought it was terrible how the community treated him.


Hahaha, check the amount of "e"s in the inset name as well !!!
I really appreciate this post, as even as long as I've been here ( haha, under a rock) now I know more and will be using this info;
Also,, and Keychain are the most powerful tools we have here for way more than a couple of purposes, I use everyone of these every day.
Thanks @abitcoinskeptic!!!

E is a very useful letter. Actually, I spent some time thinking about the title.
There are some things on Steem people never think about. learning more only increases my fascination with it.
I'm not sure if I mentioned keychain. It is really great, often the second password I enter on my PC after hitting power (OS login is 1st) and I can't wait to see how much better it gets too, as its proposal is currently recieving funding.

I love Keychain. I've used Steemworld for awhile now and Steempeak is where I do almost all my Steem work, thanks to their templates and other features. (I think I'm on the @anyx node too after some glitch or other, but I'd have to look again.)

I hadn't thought about the recovery account thing, so I really appreciate this - and @jamerussell for telling me about this article.

I'm happy with Steempeak, and their update just a few hours ago was really great.

Glad you like my post. The recovery thing is a valuable feature of Steem that doesn't exist on many other blockchains (however for other blog networks or social media it's possible). It still can't help you if you lose your password, but at least it means keeping your password secure isn't a do or die thing.


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Awesome! Very helpful! Thanks a lot!

Glad it helps. The more people do it the better. Next step is to kindly ask Steemit to delete the personal information they have collected when I signed up, although I am unsure how best to proceed.

By the way, my recovery account is @anonsteem. Is this bad? Not very active, so I better should replace him?

@anonsteem is run by @someguy123. He is currently the 3rd place witness and he resteemed some stuff 2 days ago which means he is very active.

He meets my category of people I can trust without really knowing. If you personally know someone who uses Steem a lot, you can just set each other as recovery to be safest. In anycase, just make sure you have your owner/master password written down somewhere safe and private and if you lose account access, start trying to recover it back immediately.


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Thanks so much!

OK, apparently active :) thanks for letting me know @someguy123
So no need to replace!

Yup, still active :)

@anonsteem is still primarily managed by me (owned by @privex for legal reasons though, as per the footer)

While I expect @justinsunsteemit to be every bit as dedicated to Steem's success as anyone you've named here, I think much of this information is well overdue, and hope many read it and take necessary action to better secure their accounts, and Steem.

Vote for witnesses people! If it's hard proxy someone you have confidence in.


Right, I'm leaning on the side of positivity, that he did us a solid and it will lead to good things. In the meantime I'll keep up with developments on Steemit.
It is tough to choose a proxy, I imagine if any witness sells out we will learn in a hurry.

Well, I found it easier to find one Steemer I had confidence in than 30.

What if your recovery account dies in a car accident? Steemit is a company after all?

Send your condolences and update your recovery account?

I didn't think about that. Sounds good.

Steempeak i have to go and use it more

It really is improving functionality quickly. I like the modern stylish look, too.

Ok... Once Steemit stops working on Steem, how many people will keep using Steem? 1000? 100?

What is the value of something used by 1000 people worldwide?
Zero, 0.

Occasionally steem goes months between releasing uodates. We also have the steem.dao and the hardcore community.

I'm gambling on increased decentralization and I always have been. If Ibwant my decisions made more me I will hang out on Facebook or soemthing else.

Steemit is becoming less relevant. Slowly and develipment permits. This is good for Steem. Let's all help make this happen and be ready =)

great job dude!

@tipu curate

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 10/15 - need recharge?)

Do you know ?

I was also thinking about using it as an offline p2p backup version of my steem blog.. ^^

I have all my photos (except meaningless screencaptures) backed up on google photos. Those are most important to me.

However, I will check out this website to save even more. Saving Steem posts for me is important. I do like the fact that nodes and witnesses are becoming more and more popular.

luckily the SFR team is already building something to backup pictures.. :)

Thanks for sharing this helpful and important information about account security

I'm glad you find it helpful. I will give upvotes to people who use the #de-steemit-steem tag in a reasonable way

Now there is no guarantee when all of a sudden steemit will cease to exist :)

Frankly, there never was. But the risk may have increased.
The main difference now the Terms of Service for Steemit have changed to something along the lines of 'Owned by Tron'. The concern is that it is another blockchain which may eventually try to absorb Steem and not compliment it. We shouldn't have to trust any authority, that's the whole point of decentralization.

Such a useful guide. This is something so many users would never think to do. So thanks for the reminder.

Glad you found it helpful. Some of it may feel symbolic, but that is largely the point.

Symbology is like a visual massage.

I set my site to Steem Peak (best site to access Steem) and my node to @anyx (I also tossed him a witness vote). Actually, I'm not sure why I'm using his node, it was first alphabetically.

I'll give you a good reason. When this particular node is down or has issues literally half of the Steem network is suffering. Almost nothing works properly.

Nice details and really helpful for those who had no idea how to do it

Thanks for clarification.
Background stuff is so important. When one site goes out, I usually check another, then I guess it is a node problem.
In anycase, I'm glad his proposal is funded and I notice these 'boring' developer proposal usually get quickly funded which tells me they are important even if I don't know why.

It is nice to see someone else thought about the account recovery process.

I may make a recovery how to post soon. However it is something none of is ever want to need.
The only one I found is dated and others may be too specific or technical.
Especially with SBD piling up now (that much harder to powerup) and talk of 4 week powerdown people will need to complete it quickly.

I am sure we will be reading about how some unlucky person lost blah blah blah amount that they had powered down to a phishing scam or something. It is during the times of change and turmoil that the con men come out in droves.

Yeah, the scams are always a huge problem, especially when the value goes up or popularity suddenly increases.
Fortunately, dapps like keychain are making things much safer. But, if you willingly send someone Steem...hopefully, you have sympathetic friends.

I see the potential for more scams when SMTs arrive. For a few Steem, anyone will be able to make an SMT and promise the world to their 'investors', lol.

Thanks for all the info.

In lak'ech, JaiChai

I am glad you found it useful.

This should be sticky, but Steemit wouldn't do that. At least the recovery part. Maybe one of Sun's plans is to improve the response and account creation times. Better customer service would go a long way.

It's important, but I feel it could scare new users. Better for those already settled in and using dapps besides Steemit.

Improving account creation time would make a lot of sense. Actually this information would be importabt when signing up, not that anyone would read it.
There are so many account creation tickets going around, they should be quick and free, especially if someone wants to give justin a phone number or ID card, lol.

Great info. Very useful. Prevention is the best cure. Thanks @abitcoinskeptic.

I agree let's be prepared. Failing to plan usually doesn't work out well. The more everyone understands Steem the better.

Indeed, the more we know, the better prepared we are for the worst. If things don't turn sour, then well and good, so I get what you are saying and an important point to emphasize. Especially, for newcomers to STEEM like myself.

Thank you for the wonderful article!
From my perspective, the lack of ads on SteemPeak is my main driver to move there. I am not sure Steemit wins big with visually flooding users with those ads but I simply don't like it and I share in the other social media sites only links from SteemPeak. I was promoting Steemit to my friends who were only on facebook but I stopped doing that when they introduced advertisements... I hope that makes sense.

!giphy great+work

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I never noticed the lack of advertisements on steampeak, but I'm definitely annoied by the ads on Steemit. Some of them are gross and others feel scammy or dodgy.
I would pay to remove them from my blog.
I hope steempeak stays ad free. They must be doing alright, but maybe I should set them as a beneficiary from time to time, especially as their proposal isn't funded.

Bookmarked to be read very slowly my friend!
Thank you!

Yeah there is quite a lot covered. I actually, tried a recovery yesterday, let's just say not easy. Also, not the thing you would want to try and figure out in the case your account is stolen.
I'll write about how it is done soon, but I had a stressful day at work :|

Hey, that stress is nit good for you my friend.
An old man told me that stress is the same as sitting under a tree and taking a poison pill every day. Not enough to kill you , but eventually it will get you!

Regarding the recovery, let us just pray and hope that we never have to use it.
Take it easy my friend.

Fortunately these matters are beyond my control, so I don't need to worry about it for long.

Good that you don't worry too much about things.
It is the worry factor that creates the stress.
My burnouts came because I laid sleepless at night worrying about how I was going to keep the Papillon charity going.
Worry is sure poison.

I hope your charity is getting on well, now that SBD payment is happening again and Steem is on the rise, it might be easier to find donations around here soon. I can imagine it is stressful. I hate reading about my company in the news these days, 9 out of 10 times it is bad news.

Thank you and we are indeed doing better from my posts my friend.
Always sad to read bad things about one's company especially if you are a good worker and know that it might affect your future.
But you are clever enough to start your own thing!

Thanks. I'm not too worried. The package on offer is decent and I would definitely take it if offered to me, but I'm not in that position. Retirement in Korea generally happens at 55 to 60 and getting a good job after around 45 years old is really difficult. Most people start-up small businesses and around 90% never turn a profit so people are actually best off to just take up a cheap hobby or a minimum wage job. My plan would be to farm :)

Fortunately these matters are beyond my control, so I don't need to worry about it for long.

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Hi Dear Friend @abitcoinskeptic.

Since I met steempeak I fell in love with this interface. It exceeds in many ways the simple steemit interface. It offers many editing and consultation tools.

This proposal is steempeak seems great. And as you say so, this team could make substantial improvements to the interface and operation of the own steemit.

As for steemworld, I still have not mastered all the tools it offers. Every day I discover a new one. @steemchiller is a great developer who deserves the support of the entire community.

Thank you for sharing this valuable analysis.

All best, Piotr.

I'm glad you find all these tools so helpful too. Steempeak is really pushing its development recently. I wonder what they could do with a few hundred dollars a day. It would mean their team could work on it full time. Unfortunately, steemworld is taking a break, but I think if many people continue to use it and show there support, steemchiller will come back. He got burned a little by the developers here for not making his work open-sourced fast enough for their liking.

It's me again @abitcoinskeptic

I just realized that I never actually thanked you for your comment. Big thx.

I would need to ask you for little favour. Recently I've decided to join small contest called "Community of the week" and I desribed our project.hope hive/community. Would you mind helping me out and RESTEEM this post - just to get some extra exposure? Your valuable comment would be also appreciated.

Link to my post: on steemit or on steempeak

Thanks :)
Yours, Piotr

My pleasure.

Unfortunately, I'm not in the mood to do much about communities and hope these days as all of Steem is in need of hope =|

@abitcoinskeptic hey, I did it today but nothing is changed. Steemworld is a still working ? @steemchiller

If the transaction showed up, it's done, but it will take 30 days to actually change for security reasons.

Ah, I see. I hope my account will not be used by tron team during this month.

Yeah considering they aren't making new accounts, I doubt they are recovering old ones.

Keep your keys extra safe because you probably will have to wait until it changes in 30 days to get assistance from your new recovery.

What do you mean by get assistance ? It will not change automatically ? Will I get an email or something like that ? Or I don't have to do anything then.

My apologies for any confusion. You don't need to do anything until then. My point was that you do not want to rely on Steemit for account recovery right now and the change process takes 30 days.

Thanks a lot for your support !

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