UK on 'Lockdown'

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Boris Johnson did pretty well not to mention the word 'lockdown' last night in a 15 minute conference to the nation, but that what the new rules are in effect.

  • Only go to work if you can't work at home
  • Only be outside for 1 piece of exercise, to walk the dog, or shop for food/medical supplies

How's it looking this morning in London then?




Terrible. A packed tube ride, and not a mask in sight.

Key workers (medical staff) and no-one else should be allowed on the Tube right now, that's still approximately 500,000 people.

Boris, sort it out, keep the Tube running but only allow those with a medical badge to board.

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My shop was closed down over the weekend.

A lot stopped.

Complete madness even before the virus I never liked traveling on public transport that's why I drive I feel sorry for this woman she's brave thanks for sharing 👍🏾

Holy shit that is truly awful!? Imagine having to get on that!!

Disgusting. The Tube is rank at the best of times but with the virus as well :(

The Gov should pay for medical staff to get to work in cabs, and the Queen should offer up her Bentley with is likely doing sweet FA right now!

She bloody should! I can't even imagine being stuffed on that plague machine!! Uurgg

Plague Machine!

I can't remember what the original capacity of the Tube was, but 500k key workers would probably mean a reasonable level of service - everyone might actually get a seat!

Where are the masks as well - not taking this shit seriously at all :(

so much for distancing

Other countries seem to have taken it far more seriously - I think the UK (and the US) and going to be in real trouble this week.

why would they mess with the train service at a time like this? 👀 not sure what they mean by 'put it back to normal'? in that tweet

They've closed a lot of the lines, so I guess people are diverting to shave some of the journey time off.

I think they should allow only medical staff to travel, full service or otherwise.

Not everywhere in the US. My husband works in Central Control for the transit system and their usage is waaaaay down.

Ghost town he calls it.

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That's pretty bad. In my little bubble of California, we are taking social distancing much more seriously.

From my understanding, lockdown and "shelter in place" are much more different...

Let's hope things don't have to get more severe government intervention wise, that never turns out well.

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Yeah, I wish that was the case in London. If the doctors/nurses become sick trying to get to work....... what a mess.

That guy that looks like he's about to cough!

Please board Covid-carriage-19




I can't believe you got that close to Idris Elba! Did you get is autograph?

lol, he has the virus too!

Really? I didn't know that...Surprised he was on the tube also...Thought he was a double decker bus sort of guy. Lol.

Blimey, how horrible for everyone.

What a nightmare for the people that are trying to get to work to save people!

we had a similar situation week ago, people are just people, so we are now on a curfew (from 5PM to 5AM no one allowed out, except people with permits). and it looks like people are getting a bit more serious about it.

Hi there

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i did not really follow what are the new people here doing. as i had all my steem powered up i am here for 13 weeks. and we will see what will happen then.

Big Thx for your reply. I think i will stick around on both chains for time being.

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People are just getting isolated

Fuck same here they think it’s a freaking holiday