The Hive Engagement League 🏆

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Another week on Hive and it's time to take a look at those who have been most engaging this week.

If you wish to be added or removed from my master list, please let me know.


The Hive Engagement League

This league is not based around financial rewards and relates to engagement.

Everyone currently on my master list has a chance here - including those powering down or dealing in delegations over the past couple of weeks.

I've used some metrics relating to:

  • Posts (P)
  • Comments - number of (C)
  • Number of people spoken to (PS)
  • Comments - replies to replies - depth > 2 (C R)
  • Comments - length in characters (C L)
  • Witness votes (W) (for those voting via proxy, your total is always 30)
  • Up-votes to others (V)
  • Up-votes to different authors (U V)
  • Self-votes - No minus score but no bonus HIVE(S V)

Note: Copy/Paste comments will be excluded!

Hive Engagement League Table

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  • 304 accounts earned a score this week (309 last time)
  • The top 100 produced 1076 top level posts (993 last time)
  • The top 100 produced 6049 comments (6248 last time)
  • The top 100 produced over 1.21 million characters of text in comments (1.26 last time)
  • The top 100 cast 22102 votes (22087 last time), of these, 298 were self-votes (242 last time)

Congratulations to this weeks Engagement League winner:

@galenkp! 🏆

The man from down under strikes again with another week at the top of the Engagement League. Well done sir!

@bashadow takes 2nd, and @papilloncharity is 3rd with I think their highest placings since the league begin. Nice!

The Curation League - Rewards based

NOTE: If you have started a power-down or have been involved in HP delegations in/out of your account, you will not appear on this list for 15 days following the activities above. Thanks!

Images best viewed on

🎁 Prizes 🎁

A little HIVE for the top 3 as last weeks post did really well :)


Lucky numbers

The list is ordered by the date that sponsor first offered a prize for their lucky number.

@melinda010100@shortsegments40 (again!)

Thank you to everyone sponsoring a number in the Engagement League - very kind!

If you wish to sponsor a lucky number (with a prize of your choice) let me know.


  • If you have spotted any glaring mistakes in my post, please let me know so I can fix them

  • If you would like to be added or removed from the master list, give me a shout

  • If you have any other comments or suggestions, please enter them into the box below

Have a nice day all!



My congratulations to the winners and to @slobberchops who has got the lucky number 12 this week - a small prize money is on the way to you 😁

That was out of the blue, thanks @johannpiber!

You're very welcome @slobberchops 🙂

Cheers Johann, thank you for sponsoring the EL!

You're very welcome Asher 🙂

I'm blue dabba dee dabba die, dabba dee dabba die...

Yeah! 13th! I'm very happy with that, solid mid table performance, a bit like Arsenal lol!

That tune takes me back to Uni days, ahhh.

13th for a part-timer, no so bad :)

It is a classic!

It's surprising that I've suddenly made my way towards the top. I'd have thought that most people involved in this would have come over from Steem.

I guess the only explanation is the sad truth: there's not a lot to comment on!

I would say many of the top performers have moved over, but the numbers still have to go some to match the old chain.

I think there's enough to comment on, people are steady with their routine and we could do with an influx of keen newbies.

We need some celebs to adopt Hive.

Celebs don't do computers though do they? A simple phone app that looks pretty on the golden iphone...

I think we're a ways off that!

A huge hug from @amico! 🤗

Thank you @amico :)

Thank you, mate!
I'll SBI sponsor @offgridlife ASAP.

Thank you very much.

You are welcome, mate! 🤗

Thanks but I have received hundreds in flags today .... so I am finished with Hive.


🎁 Hi @offgridlife! You have received 0.1 HIVE tip from @amico!

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Thank you very much.... I am losing hope in hive.... Too many flags. I am just about finished here. It was fun.

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I couldn't have done it without Vegemite...I had a speech prepared, but my gob is full of corn chips right now so...

Thanks for doing the results again and for the hive - Much appreciated.

Have a great Sunday Asher.

I should be done with my jar of Marmite in 2025 and will go for Vegemite next time.

No worries, hold onto the HIVE so in future I can say I gave you $50 :)

Cheers, you too!

Vegemite is a better option for sure, at least in my (Australian) opinion. Lol.

Yeah, I'm going to save that 5 hive until it's worth $50 and then we'll hit the pub with it to celebrate ok?

I wonder how many drinks $50 will buy at that point, not many! But yes, I'm down, at least we will be unlikely to be required to wear masks by then. Sigh.

Well, we might get a bubbly water and a couple straws so all good.

Just how I like my ladies :)


Congrats to everyone for week well engaged! I have a special little prize for @jacobtothe on the way!

Thanks @bengy, have a good one :)

Hey, @abh12345.

Guess it's not so early where you're at, but it's early enough that it's not even Sunday here. Well, not for another 20 minutes anyway.

So, instead of waiting until Monday, I'll just go ahead and go now.

Looks like I slipped a bit from last Sunday. My wife was home all week on 'vacation' so I didn't quite get into things as well as I would have liked. She goes back on Monday, though, so we'll see if I can climb more of the mountain.

Congratulations to @galenkp for leading the way again, and @bashadow moved up a notch to No. 2. Is that the highest so far?

Thanks as always for doing this. Very much appreciated by all here, even though I don't dare speak for them. They're quite capable of doing it themselves, right? :)

Okay. Guess I better get some sleep. I swapped cooking duties for tomorrow, so I need to attend to that and don't want to be completely fog brained while I'm at it.

Onward and upward.

Hi Glen

I didn't sleep so well and thought I might as well get stuck into this. It's possible a second round of pillow time could be on the cards soon though - 4 hours isn't enough!

You did state last time this past week could be tricky as far as Hive-time, hopefully I'll see you around more this week.

Very much appreciated by all here, even though I don't dare speak for them. They're quite capable of doing it themselves, right? :)

Yes, and they do. Thank you!

Rest well and enjoy your Sunday, Ash.

I seem to rank higher on Hive than I did on Steem, but maybe less people are active. Anyway, I'm in good company.

Hive five!

I seem to remember you placing in the top 20 a fair bit on Steem, and I think a number of people are still engaging on both chains which could change in the coming months.

Hive five :D

I've not often been in the top ten previously. I still post a bit on Steem, but that will decrease over time. I can be fun baiting people :)

Wow! For the first time I made it way up to 31st spot. Nice one.

Congratulations @galenkp for clinching the first spot.

Thank you sir, and great to see you working your way upwards. Keep up the great work.

Oh yeah. Thank you.

Congrats @jayna for all the stuffs, 5HP powered up for you!

Cheers Boomy, how is the head today after that Rosie rubbish?!

Astonishingly ok! I am even going to go chance a dive to the shops!!

Displays so much better on the site.

Thank you for sharing how to view the images better.

Yeah, pretty much the only downside I have found with PeakD - otherwise, awesome!

Congratulations @papilloncharity! Also happy to see @nickyhavey on the list :)

Oooo I made it on to the list? Thanks for the mention, I didn't get a notification about the league - 13th, that's pretty cool! Guess I spend more time here than I imagine haha

Totally unexpected as we have just been doing the normal things.
Also a bit worrying as the usual top performers seems to have slackened off.

I am more comfortable in the lower section of the top 10, as then I know that things are going well here.

@galenkp certainly deserved it and well done to you my friend.
Waiting for your speech.

Well done also to @bashadow and everyone else.

A kind thank you for this @abh12345

galenkp certainly deserved it and well done to you my friend.
Waiting for your speech.

Got...a mouth full...of corn chips right now...Can'

Oh yeah, difficult and rude to talk with a full mouth hahaha.

I was surprised, very surprised, toward the end of my steem days, I was inching into the 20's a bit more often, and was growing comfortable there.

Good that you were surprised, as that means you are doing something right my friend.
Keep it up come what may!
Blessings and take care!

Hi, great initiative.

Congrats to all.

@abh12345 I am Hiving regularly... so I would love to be added in this list, please! :)

No problem, you are now on the list, welcome :)

I think @bashadow's been writing essays instead of comments! 🤣

Almost guilty of that, I do have a tendency to ramble, I just find it hard sometimes on those What do you think type ending post to just not reply, It's like a challenge.

Also I have been having some fun in the text game I am playing over at happyme's place and started expanding my after play review comments, so that may be part of it also.

But I do need to shorten some of them up, it is just hard to do.

This one looks about right to me :)

Yep, a more normal length comment. I am trying.

Hiving like mad :)

ah 5th spot this week, Arsen would still be proud! Seems like the competition is starting to ramp up here

A very Wengery performance from you this week! I had an Emeri performance, 13th haha

LOL! well I’m sure you’ll have a “good ebening”

haha :)

Again not in top 100 but might be improved my last week's rating it was I guess 212.

Not far off, 232 :)

I need to comment longer :)

@revisesociology gets 5 HP powered up for his sterling effort :)

I wish I had some Sterling right now. Thanks for sponsoring :)

My brother keeps telling me to buy some

Congratulations on keeping engagement stats going, well done to top three!

Thank you very much!

oh man, how can I ever get up there lmao. It seems like I need to drink more coffee :D

Not in the evening though or you may not sleep :O

Glad to join the crew! Worth this quarantine I’m more active, but my goal is to climb the ranks so look out y’all.

Glad to hear it :D

Looks like I didn't make it in. :D Guess I gotta be more active!

197 this week so a little way to go :)

Congratulations you guys, I've been slacking but you all have been Rock'in 💕

Cheers! :D

Hi, Asher!!! Congratulations to @galenkp, @bashadow, and @papillioncharity!! It is so nice to be back in it! :) Of course, everyone should be congratulated because if you are here and commenting and interacting with others, you are a winner in my book!

I will say that I have my challenge, #MarketFriday over to Hive, but, left it on Steem as well. I cannot believe I got more responses on it over there. Get over HERE, people!

Le sigh.

I was really hoping everyone would just hop over here so I didn't have to go back and forth to keep up with different people. They still make me go to work, so I am missing out on the playtime (oh, I know everyone would rather be working, just making light of this God-awful situation)

Anywho, I will be powering up 5HP to lucky #9 @markkujantunen!! Be on the lookout for it! Thank you kindly, Asher, @abh12345 for all of your efforts to make this work!

Upped and Reposted (Rehive?) WTH do we call this?

!tip .30

Thank you, @dswigle!

The pleasure is all mine. Truly.

Having to move between platforms and such, looks like it is keeping you pretty busy. I do bounce back and forth a small bit, game play and voting mostly with the odd every now and then post, and comment on the old site, but most of my posting and commenting is done over here.

Congrats on still managing to stay well connected on both places.

Oh, it is killing me! I am still working, so answering while commuting. Because I have a challenge, I had to keep both up and answer both. Anybody out there willing to sell me some time?


🎁 Hi @bashadow! You have received 0.1 HIVE tip from @dswigle!

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Hello Denise, welcome back to the table in a very respectable position indeed :)

There does seem to be a bit of a split at present, but I suspect longer term the will steadily move over.

Thank you for sponsoring the EL, the 'Rehive' (I guess that's right?!) and for my tip, have a nice evening!

It's always my pleasure, Asher. Rehive? Really? LOL


🎁 Hi @abh12345! You have received 0.1 HIVE tip from @dswigle!

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🎁 Hi @abh12345! You have received 0.3 HIVE tip from @dswigle!

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Congrats to @galenkp for first again and to @bashadow and @papilloncharity for being at the top! Great efforts!
And Congrats to @shortsegments for being in the top half of the list and placing at number 40 again! I'm sending SBI!
Thanks for the the EL @abh12345 ❤️
I am missing !ENGAGE

Thank you, it is always nice to see the numbers, they are pretty motivating. I did get pretty comfortable being in the middle of the pack for awhile, but it is nice to get back in the to 20 area.

2nd place is a pretty solid top twenty place, @bashadow! 😁 Great numbers!

I think a lot of my rise is because I don't do much other than vote and play my text game on the other site, 99% only working on Hive.

I followed a voting trail on the 'other site' to make use of the Steem that is still sitting in my wallet until it gets powered down, so now I have no reason to go there anymore except a few times a week to manage my wallet.

Thank you as always for sponsoring the EL Melinda!

Greetings my friend, how do I get on this list, what magic do I use to call the votes of the greats, do I have to pay for a voting service?

I have added you to my list so you have a chance of appearing next week, welcome :)

I was really surprised to see this last night just before going to bed. I can not believe I made second place. I did for me a little bit better on making comments. Got into the upper 80's, I need to try a bit more though and hit the 100's. While I did not make many post, I did get some rather long comments out.

Congratulations everyone. It is nice to see engagement beginning to pick up a little bit more, I know some of the weekly numbers are down just a little, but for a week that included a few image server issue it over-all was not a bad week at all.

Congrats on 2nd spot and thank you for engaging away on Hive :)

Thank you for the steem and the tracking.

This is cool initiative

Thank you, would you like to join?

I love it how you made up this award series to promote engagement. Great work man. Keep it up!

Thank you, 2.5 years and counting, although now on Hive :)

oh I thought I made it already, I must double my comments this time. lol

That should help :D

Yay - I'm back on the chart! I still have a ways to go to get caught up on all my commenting (here and on my WordPress blog - I've been such a slacker! 😝 ) but now I feel like I'm on the right track. Thanks again for continuing this on, Asher!

Congratulations to all the winners, and I've dropped the tip off on @justclickindiva's most recent post.

tip to justclickindiva.jpg

Have an wonderful week everybody, and speaking of tips... !tip hive

Thank you Traci!

Once you get behind it can take a while to catch up, I've been trying to keep on top of mine while I'm on 'holiday' (furloughed).

Thank you again for sponsoring the EL and for the tip :D

🎁 Hi @abh12345! You have received 0.1 HIVE tip from @traciyork!

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Day late, but not a HIVE short! Congrats @nickyharvey

Cheers dude!

Looks like I'll have to be a little more active. It's hard juggling 3 jobs, running other people's businesses, and your own!

I do plan on becoming more engaged here, though. #HIVE is my new home.

Sounds like you are rather busy. Might as well be on the list though just in case :)

Not sure how well I’ll fare against the heavyweights in here, but I’d like to be considered for entry into the League, please. 😀

Sweet. Added you to the list, welcome!

I'd like to be added to the "master list" if possible. Thank you.

Good stuff, welcome!