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RE: C is for: Thoughts on censorship, downvoting and token value

in OCDlast year

Terrible Poetry Tribe that rewards the uninterptetable, Dobartim could be a whale in no time.

I'm a fan of how the Tribes are set up to police (mute stake/content), it's more of a wild west with the lead coin.

New Steem isn't for everyone, but whereas in the past it was only the good/bad whales will enough stake to police, the awareness and tools for others are here now and I think this is a huge positive.


Overall, the place is much healthier even with these kinds of "bad actors" as they weree
bad regardless. Ar least now there is some spotlight on their behaviors.

I don't know what @dobartim teaches at Steem school, but I haven't heard much from his students. Does he have any?

Yes I agree.

Not sure of the subject either, or the pass-rate. #1stclassfail