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SEO Tips for Hive Content Creators

A selection of SEO tips for formatting your content to try to rank Hive content higher on Google search results.

create hive blockchain account

Although I glad we escaped to pastures new in March, one thing next door has over us at present is a lot more content. More content, however you choose to rate it, will mean more links for the likes of Google to find and index, and more chance folks visiting from the outside world.

In the week commencing 5th May 2018, there were 3837 posts created across the road which contained 'Heading 1' (h1) html. I'll move onto Headings shortly but as a comparison, (moving the date forward two years) on Hive there were just 541 posts created with the same html.

It is worth noting the the total number of top level posts for the week commencing 5th May 2018 were 261,487 and 27,149 for the week commencing 5th May 2020, and so the percentages are better than they were two years ago at 1.5% and 2% respectfully.

However, that % is still pretty low in my opinion and I think we can and should do better. If 20% of next weeks posts had a 'Heading 1' included, this would be a better effort than that week in May 2020 where over a quarter of a million posts hit the blockchain.

SEO Introduction

I first have to point out that I'm not an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) expert, I've just been digging around the source code of Hive blockchain content and looking on Google for tips from the people who seem to know what they are talking about. If you know your stuff and can improve on the below, please let me know.

The plan is to detail some of the basic formatting concepts (there is much more SEO that can be done in the text), and then provide a template that you can use.

As somewhat of an aside, I'll be using in the examples as this site currently seems to be preferred by Google over peakd. If you check the source of a post hosted by peakd, there is not much to see - check the same post hosted by and you will be able to view your content within.

I'm not 100% sure, but I have a feeling that due to this page rendering, it's unlikely that there will be many links on Google to peakd content. Searching peakd brings back the site homepage, and then links to, stateofthedapps, and, in that order.

And to test the above, I searched for 'How often do you backup your passwords', part of the title of yesterday's post which was authored on peakd, and it is the 2nd result on Google at present, with the URL beginning with

Basic SEO Formatting

I'll be looking at the following html/tags used for formatting web content:

  • Titles
  • Headings
  • Images - location/name/alt tags
  • Links
  • Tags


Fortunately, it is impossible not to include a title when posting to Hive. However, the title also forms the URL and according to Neil Patel, URLs should be between 2 - 4 words. Personally I think this is a bit short, my title yesterday was much longer, and I know that Hive folk like to play with longer titles. Just something to consider - a shorter URL, clearly stating the likely content, could well be better for the indexers.

Edit: As per a comment below, a tip could be to use a short title to begin with (which will form the URL), and then edit the post to expand it if you want it to be longer for readability.

Headings (1, 2, etc)

I am very guilty of rarely using 'Heading 1' html at the start, or anywhere else in a post - it just looks a clunky, especially right under the post title - which is apparently where it should be.

According to Neil, again, 'H1s have always been a major ranking factor.', and from the same link, '80% of the first-page search results in Google use an h1'.

With the (and other editors), it is possible to use Markdown which means you can use a 'hash' for heading 1 html, and two hashes next to each other for a heading 2 tag. In the example below, I'll be sticking with html.

Also in the link above, it is suggested that there should only be one 'h1' tag (or two if you include the closing tag) in a document. 'h2', h3', etc, can be used multiples times, but all should try to use keywords relating to the piece.


The image itself may well be important for attracting and keeping attention once the page is loaded, but there are other features which will help the page ranking - location, size, image name, and the 'alt' - alternative, text of the image.

An image at the top of the page could influence the search results negatively and the URL of the image will show up as the contents description - not good for the eyes or the indexers.

Large images will slow page load time, another factor in search engine rankings. png files are usually small, gifs can be quite large.

The image name is another opportunity to boost keywords on the page. If the image is sourced from elsewhere, you wont get to choose the name, but if it is your own work, then why not give it an appropriate name relating to the content as a whole.

The alternative to the image text (alt text) is another place where keywords can be added. I've included the html to do this in the example below.


As mentioned at the start of the post, Hive has far fewer inbound, outbound, and internal (to same domain) links than the space we once occupied.

Outbound links are not such a big deal, and inbound links we can help by for example, Tweeting each post (using #posh if you wish), but internal links are also important. If there are many links to the same place, this will boost that page in search rankings. I've included and example which I think we should link to often in our posts, but I think any internal links to yours or others previous content would be useful.

As far as uploading images, I would use at present as peakd (or other locations) are less known to the search engines. If you prefer peakd in the main, you could upload the images anywhere on and copy the URL for your peakd post.


Again, I've not been great with tags overall in the past, and usually try to stick a few funny (debatable) ones in. I think that is OK as we do have multiple tags available, but the majority should probably be more keywords relating to the content. Like the title, we have a box in the editor for these and so there will at least be one for the crawler to look at.

So that's my SEO basics guide, and I hope it is of use - I don't think it can't hurt to try to format our posts to try to boost the search engine rankings. But before you get too stressed out about page formatting, one final word from Neil that I found in the comments section of his blog:

blog seo quality content

Right, cheers!


The template is pretty basic, but who knows, it could help raise your content in search results. The final link will boost and gives new people a place to go when they have found Hive via your content 😃



<h1>Heading 1</h1>

<p>Short description of post contents</p>

<img src="Insert main image here starting with https://" alt="Image alt text">

<h2>Heading 2</h2>

<p>More body text</p>

<img src="Insert image here starting with https://" alt="Image alt text">



<img src="" alt="create hive blockchain account"></p>
<p>Not got an account yet?  <a href="">Sign up to Hive!</a></p>


create hive blockchain account

Not got an account yet? Sign up to Hive!


I am guessing it is good practice to write all text between h1 tags as that must optimize the shit out of the post

Thanks for this! I am hoping that I will remember to be a little more SEO friendly in the future :)

haha :)

I think a bit more punchy is the way, but I'm just providing the tags and not the text - that's for you guys to test out :D

I'd really like to see some hive posts up at the top of google.

And whoever can knock this one off with a search for 'earn cryptocurrency' will win a prize, once I've saved up :)


Challenge accepted 😈

I think that's the contest right there. Who can get their post the highest on the earn crypto search. If nothing else adding 50 posts on the subject from the same site should do something for the ranking, I'm guessing.

I've been told in the comments by someone more knowledgeable than I, that it would be impossible to knock that blog off the 'earn cryptocurrency' search, however:

If nothing else adding 50 posts on the subject from the same site should do something for the ranking,

This is my thinking also - lets cover places 5-55 then :D

Well, I went for it with a contest :)

Would love to see you have a go!

If some one wants to have a shorter more relevant post link than, peakd allows you to make your own url link. you can change it here: Preview Link preview: click the link and then erase the three dots and type what you would want, like Hive-SEO-Advice

I did not know about the <h1> being important, so I will have to start using it, I mostly start with <h2>

I will have to start adding a sign up link or two, even though I doubt my post ever make any search engine results.

That's worth testing actually. I wonder if that then becomes the permlink, probably does.

I posted via peakd, but the post was prepared on for the image locations.

peakd also has a Topic box, which i think goes into the meta description.

I agree with most of this, but your Link example of "Sign up free here!" in your template is hitting all the wrong ways to create a link for SEO purposes.

For links we should avoid generic things like 'Click here' or 'Article', etc, and instead provide a short description of what we're linking to.

Google itself recommends this in it's Use links wisely section of it's SEO guide. (Which is a tiny bit lower than where this link will take you).

A more SEO effective link would be 'Get a Hive Account'.

Thank you for this valuable feedback, I will make the change :)

Absolutely! It was a great post, thank you for writing it up!

Thanks for the link! My cousin tossed this my way yesterday as well. I have been kicking around the idea of doing a post about it, just trying to figure out what I want to say! haha.

Absolutely correct!

Great tips. I almost never use H1. I wonder can an image come first?

On PeakD there is now a place near the bottom for short description. This is very important. Think of it as your Tweet.

Another tip is to try and use all the keywords from your tags title and main headings in the first paragraph. Also try to use these words frequently throughout.

With photos the alt tag should also be a keyword or at least used in the post a couple times.

Also, I think div lines may be good, but I don't full understand why or how.

Cheers, and thanks for the additions. I didn't put any focus on keywords, what I read time and time again was to try to use them wherever you can, but don't go crazy - seems like more of an experiment and a bit of luck.

The image first is going to show in the description, but perhaps the peakd description could replace that? Will need to test.

Also will need to look at divs, didn't see much on those.

I just looked into it a little more. If you are using a front end to post like PeakD, DIV is largely irrelevant for SEO. However, people who put lots of random links and banners at the bottom of their pages, or randomly calling too many @ people and # words out may be negatively impacting SEO. Google algorithms are clever and tend to ignore stuff that would annoy a human reader or slow down any webbrowser.

Thanks for the template.

Posts will be upgraded for the good of the community!

Awesome, cheers!

I've got an SEO background, and I was working on an ultimate guide for Steemit users when the HF happened. It's still an unfinished project, but it's so hard to put in as simple of a way as possible.

We don't have access to a YOAST SEO plugin within out editors, but YOAST principles can be applied. It would be easy for me to explain what needs to be implemented to users, but because we don't have an SEO plugin, there is no way to check how good your SEO is on a post before you release it.

I take that back, there are no convenient tools for that. You'd basically have to take the text from your Hive post and drop it into various online tools to test it. Me personally, I've gotten so used to SEO, I can pretty much draw up a post without checking if my keyword density is too much or too little, etc.

Also, SEO standards change week to week, so by the time I can make a guide, things have already changed. One of the most recent implementations I've noticed in YOAST is that your "keyword(s) set is best placed not only in your title like it always has been, but is now preferred as the first words of the post title.

I haven't abandoned this project altogether, it's more of a challenge to work up incentives to make users implement SEO in their posts. I've been discussing with @riverflows from about doing some bounty SEO contests, where I find a new highly searched but low competitions keyword set that users all post about during a weeklong rush with the winner receiving additional LOTUS rewards.

I would imagine the winner be whatever user's post is the highest ranking in google search results after a month or so. I'm still working on it but haven't given up. It is bizarre to see that when I type "hive blockchain logo" in google images, one of the results on the first page is my hive intro photo.

This is only because I took the time to write ![hive blockchain logo intro thumb](xyzxyz.jpeg) or something similar in the brackets of my photo upload. It's amazing how few tribe owners even do that. I've searched for a lot of logos on google images only to find the one I uploaded myself ranking higher than the one uploaded by the logo creator.

Good job on the logo ranking!

I've been discussing with @riverflows from about doing some bounty SEO contests, where I find a new highly searched but low competitions keyword set that users all post about during a week-long rush with the winner receiving additional LOTUS rewards.

This sounds awesome, I was thinking about putting a contest out myself which involved trying to get a good ranking on Google for a particular search. Let me know if you plan to get this one going.


Sure thing, I think the blockchain is now settled enough to get back on this project. That will be my mission from tomorrow morning on. I have been putting it off for far too long. Certainly SEO-ification has to be rewarded with a carrot.

I don't know what you're worrying about. OCD comes out top, after just one ad, if you search directly for the community name:

ocd trending.JPG

I think everything you say is basically sound, but it's probably worth mentioning that before you worry about SEO you need

  1. To know who you're targeting
  2. To do yer key word research!

And then formulate yer content and headings around those.

Who's going to search for hive-anything?! :D

That's cool though, for starters.

Fancy a shot at the goal set in the reply to Taraz? :)

None of us has got a chance, that's an entire website devoted to free airdrops with 100s of posts and pages all around the same theme.

It would be interesting to see if a collective community based effort could topple it - I doubt it, one web site run by one person is probably going to be much better co-ordinated with interlinks.

They rank above Coinbase, that's quite something!

It is impressive work, but I don't think they are paying and so surely they can be toppled!

That's the target, I'll stick 1000 HIVE in the pot for anyone who can get a post above with the same search. Actually, might have a whip round and do a contest :D

Yeah 😊 well I just read about CEO and I was gonna use it for my freelance and my freelance colleagues to help them finding projects trough hive. I'm without a project now due to corona. So I will spam more CEO based topics with my business account.

@abh12345 What's your challenge for 1000 HIVE?

whoever can knock this one off with a search for 'earn cryptocurrency' will win a prize.
Do you mean out rank this post for the search term of 'earn cryptocurrency', haha. Because no one here can compete, have a look!


That domain score of 66 means they have Authority, you cant touch this.

Also it takes nearly a year for google to put your content piece into its final SERP resting place! You dont really understand SEO, I cant believe you're going to earn $100 on your post 🤣

@revisesociology is correct in what he is saying fyi..

Is that a free site you used to get that SEO data? That's really interesting!

I don't know too much about SEO, it's something I'm trying to remedy.... my main blog (my name here) depends on it, and I've got serious competition from another very well organised and much larger company now, so it's really something I need to think about, I need to re-focus my niche.

There's a real case of double irony on the reward amount...

Reward isn't necessarily always about the content, it's about how known you are in Hive circles. Ironically Asher would probably not appreciate the irony of that!

At least that's the way it is for now, things might change at any time.

Yup those tools I suggested here are free 👍 Then add your google search console and google keyword planner in there and you've got a toolbox.

First post I've ever had at the top of Trending and it's apparently way off the mark, brilliant :D

Stop it, I can't handle the irony.

You can always quickly do this and change it!

haha :D

It's OK, I caveated the post with I'm no expert and spent a few hours proving the point. Luckily, the comments have helped make it not a total waste of time!

...Reward isn't necessarily always about the content, it's about how known you are in Hive circles...

The circle of Hive, before Steemit, is more influential than any improvement in SEO performance.

You dont really understand SEO...

Yup, no expert here, but trying to raise awareness of some basics that can help.

I cant believe you're going to earn $100 on your post 🤣

Sorry about that, I did vote it but that's only 1/150th of the value.

Nice post!

SEO is the reason for some of my posts back on Steem to be at the top of the search results. What I like the most is the I haven't focused on SEO at all. It just happens naturally and often yield great results. Will be fun to see how that will work with Hive.

I didn't know Hive was SEO friendly, or at least not as much as Publish0x!

It's a html doc, so there is stuff we can do. There could be other elements we can't manage, but the above is a start :)

Yup I agree!

still #posh

You mean to say outside people maybe interested in our stuff someday? That’s a novel concept! Wink, wink!! ;)

I'm going to have to whip out the positivity bat soon!

And yes, if we can get some work on those search results!

It's simple if you write something good about a topic people will find it share it read it. So write good and everything follows. But use in your links instead of peakd peakd gives 404 sometimes Google crawler doesn't like that and will exclude your post.

So to be clear, using markdown code works as well as HTML tags? I mostly compose using full markdown with if it helps to switch, I wouldn't mind.

Yes, the markdown is converted to 'proper' html.

If you right-click your post on and do view source, you'll see the 'hashes' as h1, h2 tags etc.

I usually use markdown but though for the template i'd try to be proper.

Been blogging here for quite some time, and I have no idea about this stuff, I think it is time to get serious about this.. Good post.

Heading 1' included, this would be a better effort than that week in May 2010 where over a quarter of a million posts hit the blockchain.

started reading, but just so i don't forget. think the year is wrong :D

lol thanks :D

I learned so much from this! Great job sharing this with the community.

I have a question, how do I show the code in one of my blogs like this:

Frame your text between triple inverted accents ```

Note: You can always see the original publication code in hiveblocks.

Hive a nice day!

You provided me with the answer and then some. Thanks a lot 🤝

You are welcome.

Thanks for this, I was sleeping :D

A nice tip to alter the URL to hiveblocks to see the code!

How much of html can you use in posts? is there like a cheatsheet of what tags are accepted?

I think most 'formatting' html will be accepted. Things go a bit weird when you try to include 'meta' stuff.

really a usefull information for seo, by the way i never tried for any seo for my posts or blog :)

Well I hope you give it a go soon :)

Thank you boss @abh12345 for this informative publication about the importance of the SEO code structure to be indexed by Google spider bots.

HTML is well accepted by those Google bots, so in blogging it is important as well. So, we need to recommend the use of HTML to new members.

Take care!

Thanks for taking a look and commenting an answer to a question that was raised.

Yes I think we should all be trying to use a bit more html in our work - you never know if a blog will get lucky and draw in many new eyes :)

My pleasure!

Great introduction to SEO. I learned many things today. Thanks Asher. :)

Thanks for taking a look :D

Started using it already. The headings work. lol

I thought <h1> is for old people who can't read good, but want to read stuff too?

Ha :) A multi-purpose bit of html!

The life span of a HIVE post is seven days. Content creators only get paid on upvotes in the first seven days. The curation rewards gives people incentives to post in the first hours of a post.

The Google Page Rank of a post is meaningless to content creators as it is unlikely that Google will send traffic to a page in the first seven days.

The platforms using HIVE have a convention that the platform used to post an item will be denoted as the canonical source. I assume you composed your post in PeakD. The HTML for this page sets PeakD as the canonical source:

If you put links to your post outside HIVE, you should link to the version of the post in the platform you used to create the article.

The only SEO that matters to content creators is links from HIVE.

For security reasons, HIVE puts the code rel="noopener" . Google treats this as rel="nofollow"; so you don't get SEO benefits for links from HIVE. Which is well and good because it reduces the number of spam posts.


Once upon a time (I have no idea about now) Google (that thing that proper seo people seem thoroughly obsessed with pleasing) didn't like multiple <h1> in an article and as the title tends to be <h1> it might be better to go from <h2> onwards maybe? :)

Though having said that I don't know about how well feed pages as they tend to be chockers full of <h1>, I very rarely find feed pages when I'm searching for things unless I search specifically for a site that I can't remember the url for (which could have something to do with having a very limited set of stuff I search for and not always using Google) and on my statistically insignificant glorified blogsite the only hits to the main url (which is a blogrolly feedy thing) seem to be people who are dropping in directly rather than people looking for stuff (in which case they usually land on whatever was hopefully relevant to their search terms).


I'm not sure what you mean by 'the title tending to be the h1'



Computers tend not to work that way :D

I think, from reading around of late, to give your work the best chance of moving up the ranking, both will help.

Sorry, I've just woken up and not had a coffee yet, and so could be misinterpreting what you are saying and been a bit grouchy.

I probably just suck at explaining.

CMSs and platforms like this will just use whatever the user put in the "title" field of the form as the <title> (which is in the head tag and that we can't edit) and as the visible title of the article (rendered as <h1>).

If the <title> tag was removed you wouldn't notice a difference in the article but might notice that the browser tab is empty (or maybe contains | [site name] as most of them append the site name to the article). Browsers and search engines use it so you probably want it.

If the <h1> tag was removed, the title would be rendered as body text and be non-obvious to humans so you probably want that too XD Additionally, search engines (or at least Google because all seo is apparently all about Google) use h1 to identify what the page is probably about, the h1 is one of the main things that get matched in searches.

And yes as you noted you do absolutely need both to help with rankings :)

The heading tags (h1, h2 etc) are semantically supposed to function kind of like how they do in textbooks, where you have one main topic heading (h1) and several subtopic headings (h2) possibly with subsubtopic headings (h3+). There was a time where Google was using the h1 to help with matching keywords and rankings and stuff and so would penalise for multiple h1s as some were trying to do that to game their rankings, which is why I suggested starting from h2 when writing your post as the post title will be set as h1. And even if it doesn't matter for Google anymore (because they change their algorithms like underwear) it still looks nicer from a semantic point of view (like too many people would look at the code anyway XD).

That's the important bit and the rest was me ramblingly wondering how they deal with feed sites then but seems smart sites like peakd just give the feed pages lower headings (all the post titles on my "following feed" on peakd use h5).

Did that help or did I make it worse? :D

Did that help or did I make it worse? :D


So i've just created this wonderful post:

and on checking the page source, I see no '< h1 >' tag, which I didn't include in the text but gather from what you are saying will come from the Title if not included directly?

Damn, things are tough in the morning - I should probably go back to bed for a few more hours!

Great post, much inform XD


Yep :)

And in the source code:



I was looking for h1 with a > directly following. Thanks for that. Soo, where are we - another coffee and I re-read what you put above? :D

So we can either have title and h1 the same by just entering the title, or go for a slight alteration and include a h1.


Go clickbait with the title and more keywordy with the h1?

If you can change the <title> then you could do that :) I don't know if you can do it on here though?

I think I'll quit while I'm behind :)

Although I tried with SEO stuff on this post, I guess it's not really the type for trying to rank high on engines and bring people in.

What I really want to see, as mentioned in another comment, is a post ahead of this one for an 'earn cryptocurrency' search on Google.


I think we've tried to move away from the 'get paid to do stuff' theme in recent years but lets face it, there are many things you can do on Hive to earn crypto (outside of begging and selling your vote too :D )

I think sir H1 is reserved for the post title and H2 can be added somewhere inside for additional supporting topic to the main topic. I also read that Google will penelized the stuffing so much heading tags.

I think sir H1 is reserved for the post title...

I thought this too but is you view the source of this page on you should see otherwise.

This is one area where we need to improve; as there is so much content here now. Appreciate the tips.


It's all quite simple stuff to do, might add 5 more minutes to a post but if someone gets lucky that post could attract many new eyes to Hive.

On-page SEO won't hurt but I think the bigger factor are Hive's backlinks, traffic and other authority metrics.

From the looks of it, I think Hive is doing pretty well.

Right, sounds good :) Do you know how we can view/measure this?

Ahrefs and SEMRush are good options. gives a good indication as well but takes a while to update.

Good to know the H1s have always been a major ranking factor, I always use a H1 at the beginning.

Yeah, I think Hive needs more SEO focused posts. And more articles like this are needed for the community to get better informed. SEO is an important marketing step. If most content creators give attention to SEO, then Hive would easily rank.

About the short URLs, there’s a trick I do sometimes to make it possible on my personal blog. This could work on Hive as well. You can make the title of your post “SEO tips,” then after posting, you can simply rename it to the current name.

That way you can retain the name of your article, but the url will be shorter. Neil Patel does something similar for his articles on his blog. And I think it is worth it.

BTW I like the template you shared, I’d use it on my next post on Hive.

About the short URLs, there’s a trick I do sometimes to make it possible on my personal blog. This could work on Hive as well. You can make the title of your post “SEO tips,” then after posting, you can simply rename it to the current name.

That's a nice tip - I will edit the section on titles to include.

Thanks for the feedback :D (Sarge)

That is some good stuff! Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is really important, for sure. Thanks for taking the time to put this together.

Cheers Sgt!

Some really good stuff in the comments which i need to incorporate.

Hopefully some hive.blogs will start appearing in searches and bring some fresh eyes here!

Yup. Just cross-posted your piece to the Marketing Community.

I am interested in all this, it is new to me

Now this is what I call a "Top Rated" post.
Bookmarked of course.

Always wondered how people got their stuff up there.
Thought SEO was some company name lol.
Now you come with other funny things like H1 and H2 and a lot of other stuff here:)

My idea of a post was always to create quality and original content period.
No mystical stuff, will take me a hundred years to learn everything here.

Maybe you can do an ordinary post for us to have a look at?
All that I have taken from this is to post in hive-blog

Btw. Where are you in discord?


I'm not 100% sure, but I have a feeling that due to this page rendering, it's unlikely that there will be many links on Google to peakd content.

not good, can this be improved @asgarth?

I asked around and apparently this rendering will be crawled these days - so perhaps not an issue :)

The thing I'm always thinking about is how to not confuse people with hive blockchain and ''HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd''. Usually when people look for hive, they find them. They existed before. We are kind of competing with them in search engine. How to make our blockchain apear there ? Is there a way to do so ? I'm sure that's impossible to rename it now. So, we have to look for a solution for sure.

Yeah, it's a bit unfortunate.

I'm hoping that people don't search too much for 'Hive blockchain' and find us through content that has scored well in the search engines.

And a great introduction, we all should do our bit to make Hive the best platform.

Thank you :) Some simple things can make a big difference I hope.

Whoa, Asher! Before my coffee?

I'll just take this home with me and read it for breakfast. Thank you!

!tip .20

haha, sorry about that! Yes, a coffee for the post and a coffee for the comments - some crackers in here.

Thanks for the tip Denise!

Hehe! Yes! Well, it's all better now! :)

🎁 Hi @abh12345! You have received 0.2 HBD tip from @dswigle!

@dswigle wrote lately about: Let'S Monochrome On Monday Feel free to follow @dswigle if you like it :)

Sending tips with @tipU - how to guide.

You only need SEO if you're creating content you actually want people to find :)

haha yesss, are you saying some people would rather just collect the auto-votes and not care if anyone reads their stuff? :O

I wouldn't dare suggest such a thing..

nice post

You have your logo on that template above that "Not got an account yet?" is it free for use , does i have to mention you if i use it on my post

Yes of course, it is from

Hey man, long time no see. Hope life's treating you well.

I've been working in SEO for about 2 years now. What you're talking about within the article is pretty much right. However, the articles we post on or are mostly ranking because of the high domain authority of the main site.

Links and the authority of the site count the most in rankings. Google doesn't really likes to admit it but, the more quality links you have, the higher you rank. Fortunately, our articles don't need links since the domain is pretty damn strong. So, as long as we cover good topics, and have some quality articles, they will rank pretty high - potentially even higher than Medium.


Just read your post actually and was about to reply asking where the F you'd been :D

Cheers for the info, that sounds pretty good to me. We just need some more decent writers knocking around.

Good to see you back, get some content out!

Whoop, whoop! You British fucker! We always need good writers.

That's me, without the fucking part at present. Damn lockdown!

Haha, I get that! This pandemic is not the best for building real-life relationships.

Here's one problem, in a Twitter survey we took recently of 77 people, 75% of people like over
Most bloggers (myself included) once they experience, there is no going back to It's boring, and lacks visual features, and tools. I think promoting, makes way more sense.
See for yourself:

I am one of those who prefers peakd, for the features it includes that were spread all over in the past - delegation's, account creates, etc.

With the rendering issue though, peakd don't look like they will rank in google - sorta key for attracting new people isn't it?

So, I would write your posts and post from, and do everything else on peakd.

These are the metrics we should be looking at, as we can see, the only thing that really matters is human attention. has almost double the engagement than people to a place where engagement is low, that's not a good plan. Human attention is the thing that matters:

i disagree. is a bad way for people to get introduced to Hive. needs to be the first thing they see...actually looking at Google Trends for, the rankings are going up.

The trends are usage though? Not first click visits - have they got referrer stats?

If we post from peakd, the canonical link, the images, and other links likely included in the post will point to peakd, which google seems to have no knowledge of post-wise.