A small gallery of my graphic artworks from different years

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Hello to everyone who cares about artistic creativity. Today I decided to remember about those of my works that may have been published in my blog before, but never together. These are mostly pencil drawings, liners, or a few colored pencils artworks. The plots are usually based on dreams or just some inner experiences, thoughts. I would not like to describe each work in detail, but if anyone is interested, ask me in the comments, I will gladly answer everyone.

Привет всем, кому не безразлично художественное творчество. Сегодня я решил вспомнить про те свои работы, которые, возможно раньше выходили в моём блоге, но ни разу вместе. Здесь в основном рисунки карандашом, линером или несколькими цветными карандашами. В основе сюжетов - обычно сны или просто какие-то внутренние переживания, мысли. Мне бы не хотелось описывать каждую работу подробно, но если кому интересно, спрашивайте в комментариях, я охотно отвечу каждому.


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Beautiful work @yurche pencil drawings can be fun, I can't draw very well I'm afraid; leave that up to real artists, love your work, Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for our warm words : )

You are welcome @yurche ,

Oh my god! Ive been looking for great wash painting artist and ive found one ......MASTER your humble servant bows before you ....teach me your ways...

)) Thank you! You are welcome!

This here looks very cool 😇👌 you have golden hand, not stop.

Thank you! )) And I have no thoughts about stopping!

And I like this :)