Trippy Thursday - Waves of Doom

in Sketchbook5 months ago

Here is a ballpoint pen doodle for #trippythursday by @blacklux
Look at these black waves of doom.
These waves are formed by fear and dread in the minds of humanity in the collective unconscious.
They often form leering eyes to spot out new targets to feed off of.
The writhing mass needs to formulate various narratives and lies to keep humanity in a state of panic and fear. This is its foodsource.
The only key to defeating this monster is to starve it of any attention.
As you detach from the main stream media and political zealots in your life the beast begins to shrink away and die.
Soon the waves of doom fade away and drag all the fearmongers with them along the way.

Happy #trippythursday


I see curvy women! Powerful curvy women ready to fight evil people! 😅

Haha the must fight the waves of dooom.