Trippy Thursday - Star Worm

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Here is a star worm for this #trippythursday by @blacklux
Here we have the writhing innards of a semi translucent star worm.
They start out as simple celled organisms in the outer layers of the ionosphere.
As they mature, their shape becomes more aerodynamic so they can bounce between different layers of the earth's atmosphere.
At this stage they hang around in the clouds harvesting moisture to puff themselves up before descending to earth.
Now it is ready to divebomb to ground level hoping to hit some sort of living organism so it can burrow into their skin as a parasite.
Once inside a host it will begin rewiring the brain of the host compelling them to climb high mountains or go skydiving. Once the host goes into a higher altitude to worm's eggs will be released out of every pore of the host. The host rarely survives this process. Beware the skydivers and mountain climbers... they may be carriers.

Happy #trippythursday


That's a ninja alien weapon! It even have the star shape!

Like that samurai missle that shoots blades out instead of exploding.

Yeah! Aliens are sneaky, they have all type of weird weapons based in hollywood movies! 🤣

Something the predators could use against the xenomorphs in alien vs. predator.

I love your creativity!! Did you use a pen?
Great job, it needs a lot a patience and precision but mostly a tryppy mind!! ;)
!discovery 35

yeah just a ballpoint pen

awesome :)

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Yep, definitely trippy! :-)

Beware the starworm, the Michigan witer kills them off fortunately.