Trippy Thursday - Reptoid Eye

in Sketchbook4 months ago (edited)

Here is a strange looking reptoid eye for this #trippythursday by @blacklux
The young reptilian eye is nice and smooth with no scales formed yet.
Now his beak is forming.
And a little nose is starting to form.
Now the scales and reptilian scales are forming.
This one even has feathers and some protective spheres surrounding him.
Now all his protective spheres are ready and he is ready to travel through space and time to search for psychic energy.
Beware the reptoid he is ready to feed off human psychic energy. He might even posses a politician of some kind to cause more havoc and reap even more psychic energy. Either that or he could work for the main stream media writing clickbait for a steady stream of stressful energy from the humans. Happy #trippythursday


That's the eye of Iguano, the god of all iguanas :D

Hah and he hoards guano from his bat subjects.