Trippy Thursday - Hamster Flying Machine

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Here is a hamster spin machine schematic for this #trippythursday by @blacklux

Here is the finished schematic of the flying machine. It has an inner core that is powered off the brainwaves of small rodents including hams.

Here he is inspecting his new device.

The hardest part to manufacture is the central gyroscope. Each part has to be correctly aligned for good balance. Don't want to accidentally send a ham out to space.

The inner core is a special blend of nuclear isotopes that are finely tuned to rodent's brain waves.

Now he is waiting patiently for the factory to finish building his flying machine.

Happy #trippythursday


OMG, he is so cute 🤩
Waiting for his flying machine ✅

He likes to inpect the desktop for some reason he stood still in that pose. Maybe he was expecting a treat of somekind.

Awww so cute!

He likes to stuff himself between my sound equipment then gets wild when I try and scoop him out.