Thinking about the sea (a new one)

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An happy Friday to all Hive people! Here it's a rainy day and so the air is fresher than the previous days and I can finally work on my artworks in a very relaxing way.

I started my day soon in the morning drinking a good cup of coffee and working on the first steps of a new oil painting on paper of the series "Thinking about the sea". The subject is one of my Ladies with a white paper boat on her hair (you know I love to paint strange hair style for my Ladies) and I chose the ultramarine light blue color for the hair and for the dress:


I took some pics during the process to share with you, so you can see the "behind the scenes" of this piece:




In the following pic you can see the final result (it's an oil painting on 200 gsm paper in A4 size):


Soon I'll add it to my online shops (you can find the links at the bottom of this content) and I hope she'll find a new cozy home! ^_^

See ya soon and stay safe,

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Wow, this painting looks really cute.

Something like what I have seen in cartoons when I was a kid.

Thanks so much, Looftee ^_^


I'm interested in the backstage as well as your drawings. and I like it very much. congratulations..
Have a nice day mu friend ♥️

A nice day to you too, dear Hairofmedusa ^_^