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An happy Saturday to all Hive people!

As I wrote in my previous posts, I'm really busy during these days and I don't have enough time to work on my paintings as I use to do, so today I decided to focus myself in the artworks I made during the past 2-3 months.

To do it, I create some collages of pics using the site (the site I use to edit some pics adding text and similar).

These are some of the oil paintings on paper I made since the covid drama started:

In this pics I focused my attention on the hair style of my Ladies, that's the part of these portraits that I really love to image. ^_^

I hope you like them!

See ya soon and stay safe,


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happy saturday dear friend @silviabeneforti
I appreciate that you shared this update of your works
Have a beautiful night and a happy rest

I hope you like them.

No, I don't like them... I love them ❤️! It's a really neat art-style that you used. It reminded me fondly of some aboriginal sketchings that I saw, but better! Very well done 👌.