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Hello, happy Sunday to you all!

Sharing with you here is my new art work which is a landscape drawing. The drawing feature two local buildings, palm trees and coconut trees. There is also a goat behind one of the houses. Looks like it is trying to eat something layed on the ground. There are firewood close the house and a walkway behind the house at the extreme.

The work was done with a blue ballpoint pen on a cardboard paper and depicts a real life environment where people reside.

Below are my steps to the development of this:




Thank you.


Do you ever paint or use other types of pens?

Ball point is hard work!

That one screams paint me

Yeah, I do make oil paint as well but that's once in a while or when I get a commissioned work where my client requests for painting. I also make use of Roller-tip-pen but not often.

I recently finished a commissioned pencil portrait which I will be sharing soon.

And yes, Ball pen is hard work especially for the fact you can't erase it when you lay your shade.

Very good! From what did you get inspired before drawing?

Thanks you!
From a reference photo and about life in the rural areas.

It reminded me of Africa or an ocean shore.

You are right. It's an African setting.

Wow sir that really looks great , thanks a lot for sharing

Hi friend. Thank you. I'm glad you like it.


!giphy welcome

There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

Very cool, I've never you seen you dabble in landscapes much. I like the process, and cool showing the steps so you can earn BUILD tokens too. That is a familiar sight around the world, could be Cambodia, west Africa, or even a scene from the bush here in Suriname. Nice work brother. !LUV

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Yeah, I rarely make village scene or landscape. I think I should do more of it even though I still prefer drawing portraits and animals.

Good to see you drop by and share your thought.

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Thank you @justinparke for the luv!🤗

Looks like a small paradise to me 🙂

Ahahaha! Oh yeah!😃 Everyone sees it on a different way. Good to know how you see it.