Daily Drawing Challenge: Day 13 - Little Bird

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Hello everyone! Greetings to you all.

Today, I present to you my new artwork for the daily drawing challenge day 13 of September with the theme "Bird."


I drew a little bird with mouth wide open. She's waiting eagerly waiting for mum to come back home and put food in her mouth.

The work was done with a blue ballpoint pen on a cardboard paper. I used cross hatching techniqueto create this piece.



prompt for the challenge

Thank you.


@tipu curate :)

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Thanks swity👍😄

Awesome I love this little bird.

Yeah! You can carry her on your palms and she will do no harm but get your food readily available!😄

Good news. Yoda is alive

Wow! That's good to hear, dear friend.
Glad he's waken.

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Well done @maxwellmarcusart🐝🐝🐝

Very nice drawing friend! My brother @andresrk makes various drawings even in bilingual posts, I invite you to visit his blog;)

Thank you. I will check him out.

I have a soft spot for baby birds, and this drawing touched all of it...

Oh, that's really cool to know. Have you ever kept them on your palm before?

Once ... but it was dying, and died that night despite my family's best efforts.

BUT, last week, I was able to save an adolescent... the weather has been really hot and the poor creature literally fainted by my window from its nest on the roof ... just passed out ... but, water applied and it managed to at last fly back home!

Ohh that's sorrowful. It's a pity the first died just like that.

I'm glad the later was able to regain strength and went back home.

The first bird, along with my only pet, showed me what it was to care for living things outside the human sphere, and to work against needless death and suffering as it comes to hand for me to prevent it across all spheres within my personal reach. In the Scripture it says, "The righteous man regards even his beasts" ... so, I just take keeping an eye out for the local creatures as part of my spiritual walk.

I like your drawing, my friend, that little bird was very beautiful

Thank you buddy🤗