African Child - Pen Drawing

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Hello everyone!

Today, I want to show you my new art work. It's a random portrait drawing of a young girl, an African child with a wrapper tied round her hair.

The portrait was done with a blue ballpoint pen on a cardboard paper. I used cross hatching style to create this piece.




Thank you.


This is a really nice drawing man 🤗🤗🤗

Thank you bro. I'm glad you like it.

This looks awesome @maxwellmarcusart

To your artwork it suits some of my artwork through music,

Therefore, enjoy some of my music


Oh, that's so wonderful to know that some of my drawings suits some of your music. Woupd be nice to make some collabo too!😄

Brutal as always brother. I await the list of the DAILY drawing challenge blessings

Thank you! Oh it's really been a while buddy, I guess DDC is on hold for now. Probably gonna start a fresh on by January.

Great as always, you never disappoint and I really love this. She looks really calm and innocent

Yea, yeah! There's some atom of innocent look in her face and her eyes conceal her thoughts.