New portrait || sketched with pencil and colored in clip studio paint

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This is the second pencil drawing i have done in a very long time. This time my model was yureyvna from ig, this is a photo where i think she is promoting someone who is designing masks. I sketched it with hb and 2b mechanical pencil and then imported that to clip studio paint and added some color to the cloth part of this drawing.

Her hand looks weird because in the actual photo she is bending them over her head, i am very bad at drawing hands, so......

Here are some process shots and description:

I started with a cross to mark the place for the eye brows and the eyeballs, and then the overall shape.


I sketched out the eyes and made everything darker using the 2b mechanical pencil, before i was using the hb one.

I started shading with her eyes, there weren't much to shade in her face because most of them are covered with the mask.

I shaded the mask a bit and the hair.

Then i did some weird scribbles on her t-shirt.

After that i took the final pencil photo and imported to clip studio, took a new layer and added color to the mask, cloths and a bit light shading on her eyes and hair.
I hope you enjoyed this.

This is all for this post now.

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Lovely as always

thank you