New ball point pen drawing || Something's happening with my pen

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Hello hivers, I am here to share with you my newest portrait drawing with a ball point pen. Something weird is happening with my pen. Every time i lift the pen off the paper there's some extra ink on the nib and that's creating those darker spots you see in the drawing.
I am not really liking that because its' interrupting with my shading and making places look darker than I want them to be.
But i finished this drawing with this problem. Now that i look at it, i like it. It gives a different kind of look to it. it looks like some kind of a pointy texture.
I bought two more of this pen because i am running out of ink very fast, faster than i hoped.

Leave your thoughts in the comments. i would love to hear from you guys...

Here are some process shots:





Reference image of this drawing.


Looks great ! How fast does a pen run out of ink? How many portraits do you get to draw with one pen ?

so far, i drew 8 complete drawings that i posted here, and three failed attempts and some practice doodling. i have less than half of ink left.
Fortunately these pens are super cheap. each one costs like 8 cents...

So you get to draw a few. I was thinking you only get like 3-4 drawings from a pen. So they are affordable, and you don't have to bother about HB, B pencils.

if you look at my blog you will see that i also draw using pencils and digital media. i am just having a lots of fun drawing with pen so for now i am doing this and occasionally some digital...

Wow, he's a great master of pencil art. I like how you put the polka dots so perfect

thank you

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