Digital portrait painting || Photo study

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Hello everyone, today i am sharing another portrait painting, painted in photoshop. For today, i didn't choose a whole face but part of a face. Mostly tried to make the eye area as much realistic as possible and i think the leaves brings some contrast which is why i chose this photo to paint.

At the end i added some reflected color from the flower and the leaves.

Let me know your thoughts on this.

Here are some process shots:

Screenshot 2390.png

Screenshot 2391.png

Screenshot 2393.png
Screenshot 2394.png

Screenshot 2395.png

Screenshot 2396.png

Reference Image Used for this photo study.


Wow, it has been a beautiful picture. Q

thank you

wow, amazing one. Keep it up.



thank you

Amazing one on this one. Well done @masummim50!👍😄