Drawing Thumbnails- Why and How

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Hi everyone! I have a quick but important post today. Thumbnails are a great way to improve your art faster. You can draw them on paper or digitally, and preferably small. Whatever scale you can draw quickly and they're not really meant to be shown. They're like visual notes that are supposed to catch only the most important ideas. You can add actual text to your thumbnails, there are no rules.


You can draw original art or do quick studies, the 1st image in this post are some extra quick photo studies, the whole set took less than half an hour. Original thumbnails take me a little longer, but they're still quick. I don't make thumbnails for all my art, but if I don't know to begin a painting, thumbnails are a perfect starting point.


I recommend trying out various kinds of thumbnails unless you already know what's comfortable for you. My thumbnails vary depending on the mood and what's my goal.


I probably take too long with my thumbnails, I know some artists take just a couple of minutes per thumbnail, but that's personal preference. Faster thumbnails probably means you can get more of them done and generate more ideas.


All of the art in this post was drawn by me :) I know they all look completely different, but that's the fun of it.



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I'd love to see your thumbnails if you've draw some.

Thank you for checking out my post ^_^


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Thank you! :D

Landscape sketches you do are so beautiful.

Thank you very much ^-^

Tell me your secrets!

What do you want to know? :D

You've got such beautiful colors.
I also really like how you have this idea of foreground, midground and background.

Your landscapes look like they have depth, and I love the simplicity of them.

Just download your brain into mine, so I can use your techniques for the landscapes in my sex comics.

Or, collaborate with me.

My landscapes look like this:


They are alright, but I want to be able to do what you do.

I really like the blue landscape, considered buying it nft :D but I'm focusing on selling my art and getting few cheap ones. Also I doubt I'll want to resell whatever I buy in the future xD
The big part I think is good reference, you don't need to copy reference to actually reuse it's colors or general composition. It's like mashing a bunch of references into a new original drawing.

I try that. I'll have to experiment some more with that process.

If you ever buy any NFT from me, I hope you can resell it for a profit.

I like your landscape thumbnails a lot. They are great. Let me know if you want to collaborate on a fantasy sex comic project.

You do landscapes, we split a story based on a public domain thing, I'll use your colors from your landscapes to paint figures.

Your work might go well with like an adult / erotic fairy tale type thing.

Split Monetize Kickstarter / NFTs / -- Post on HIVE / Patreon.

Not sure if you're into that -- either way, nice landscapes.

Thank you so much for the offer! I'm sorry but I don't work consistently and I have several other projects I'm working on off Hive. I can't take more on, today I already felt a full burnout day without doing anything....
Good luck with your project and I'll let you know if anything changes in the future ^_^

those colorful thumbnails are so amazing.... i love those...

Thank you :D The photos I used for reference are simmply amazing

I don’t thumbnail 😵 unless you count the silliness I do with my base models as thumbnails 😅

The little stick mermaids are so cute 😆

Thank you :D Haha I wondered if 3D artists do thumbnails or something equivalent

Proper 3d artists might. This one just kind of sets stuff up and flings the lights and camera around until something feels right x_x

Or just use someone else's thumbnails/storyboard if working in a team XD

First of all you're a proper 3d artist ^^ You use what works for you. Also 3d feels more flexible for composition, the modeling is the hard part :)

Those are SO pretty -- 16 beautiful places to be, evoked one after another after another ... how we need those at this time when we cannot get to those places ... I felt that so much ... THANK YOU!

Yeahh I've been stuck wayy too much at home, so these are really relaxing :)

They look amazing. I love them!

Thank you! :D

Thank you for giving me this dragon @kristyglas. I would like to know what I can use the dragons you give me for

You can collect them or sell. For selling I recommend waiting until I run out of my editions (since I sell for only 5 hive), if you want better profit ^_^
You need Hive keychain to log in. The money is transfered to hive engine.

Ok thanks for the information. @kristyglas

Hope it helps ^_^

I will definitely try thumbnails and quick paintings very soon! I'm lagging a little but have to get myself together, which I've really been doing for the last two months.

You don't cease to amaze me with your work! It's very helpful and inspiring.

Thank you :) Lagging is just a part of the creative process xD

You my friend have some bad-ass strokes. Let me come and learn from the master's feet.

Thank you very much <333 Do you draw thumbnails? :D I don't think I've ever tried drawing portrait thumbnails before.

I do sometime...I'll pick a particular portrait and sketch as many as possible. I also block in shadow and light. It's mostly large shapes of values.