Inktober day 8-10 - Teeth, Throw, Hope

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Story continues


"And here is my associate Jürgen The Teeth as all his friends like to call him." Crab King continued.

"Hello!" Jürgen said. "Pleafed to teef you if you don't mind the pun."


The Crab King stepped forward and Jürgen pulled a chair for him and Crab King climbed on it. "Now I've heard that you serve the best doughnuts in this corner of the world, perhaps even the best in the universe, I wouldn't know if that is accurate because I have not met all the people who live in this universe, but I am here to find out if the claims are true that your doughnuts are the best that anyone can make in this realm."

Before Rachel had a chance to answer to the Crab King, he continued: "I understand that you don't like to talk that much and I'm saying that that is quite alright because I bet that might even be the reason why your doughnuts are claimed to be the best people have ever tasted. You put your heart and soul to the doughnuts, not to small talk. And I actually don't mind if you don't talk that much, I sure can take care of all the talking here."

Rachel was pleased that she didn't have to say anything because she just didn't feel like talking today. So she turned to her pots and pans and started baking.

Jürgen the Teeth wheeled in a strange machine that made weird hissing and occasional popping noises. And again, before Rachel had a change to say anything, Crab King started to talk: "If you don't mind, at the same time as you prepare the doughnuts for us, I will tell you about this amazing device that brings hope to everyone and also, in some cases, can make dreams come true! Yes, you better believe your ears because I assure you, I am not kidding or pulling your leg, my words are not inaccurate but accurate to the dot and Jürgen the Teeth can be my witness here."

"Yef, I affure that Crab King if fpeaking the truf." Jürgen answered.

Rachel had her first doughnuts ready and started throwing the doughnuts to the Crab Kings table. "CATCH!" she shouted and continued baking.

The Teeth sank his teeth right in to the doughnuts as Crab King was still busy talking. Waving a doughnut in the air he continued: *"This is a splendid machine that was made by my ancestors long, long time ago and it has brought hope to everywhere it has been just by sitting there, almost doing nothing. But as I said, that is not all it does. It also, in some cases that are never predictable in any way, makes hopes and dreams come true! You heard me! It can make dreams come true! But you do not have to believe me, you can try it yourself!"

Rachel turned to Crab King, barely looked at the machine and said: "Oh no thank you. I am far too busy to play with toys now."

"I see that you do not believe my words and I do not mind mam. I have seen and heard it all so I won't take a no for an answer easily." Crab King tasted the doughnut in his hand. "Oh my! This truly tastes splendid! Or what do you think Jürgen?"

"Truly fplendid!" Jürgen repeated.


Rachel heard the door slam open and children scream at each other. So it had to be Tinnituff, Witty and Gritty. "Moooooooooooom! Witty and Gritty..." Tinnituf started but got distracted and continued: "What is that?"

Crab King jumped down from his chair and started singing:

"Step back non-believers
Or the hope will never come
Someone keep that fire burning
Somebody beat the drum
Some may think I'm crazy
For making all these claims
But I swear before this day is over
You folks are gonna loose your chains"

Crab King stepped towards Rachel and continued:

"Hey Rachel
Well a man's gotta have a dream
And if you can't walk on the inside with me
I'll meet you in between
Oh come with me Rachel
And the stars will make us a team
And if you still think I'm lying to you
Look yonder there comes the dream."

To be continued...

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Teeth, throw, hope sounds like a short story in itself. When the teeth comes, you can throw away all hope? Well, we'll see. I have nothing else to say about this story or the drawings. Except that I'm still waiting for the day when I can draw.


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