Inktober day 25-28 - Buddy, Hide, Music, Float

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Story continues


Finally, after all that digging Rachel reached some sort of a hatch. Carefully she opened it and took a peek. She saw toys. She opened the hatch more and noticed that she was in a box in a room full of toys. Rachel tiptoed out of the box and looked around.
"Hello new toy!" she heard someone say.
"I... I..." Rachel stuttered and turned towards the sound. "I am not a toy."
"Hello there not a toy. Pleased to meet you." the voice said. "You look sad. Are you sad?"
Rachel took few steps forward and found herself talking with a toy teddy bear.
"I am a bit sad. I miss my family."
"What is your name not a toy. My name is Buttons and I am not sad. Not here. Never!"
"I'm Rachel. How is it that you are never sad?"
"It is just is so. No-one here is sad. Never! And if you want, you can stay here with me and all of us and never be sad again."
"But how is that possible? Never to be sad? And who else is here?"
"All the other toys and our grand master of course!"


Loud knock startled Rachel and she hid behind Buttons.
"Don't be afraid," Buttons said, "it's just our grand master."


One of the boxes hopped towards Rachel and Buttons and started to play music.


The lid of the box opened slightly and Rachel felt a strange force lifting her up in the air and carrying her towards the box. "Oh here we go again" Rachel mumbled and felt herself unusually fluffy.

To be continued...

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Thanks dip pen, again for bleeding. Fortunately I can fix things in Photoshop but I'd prefer if you didn't bleed to begin with. Only do a thin line from this day forward, okay? I should draw to a A4 size paper at least. Not A6 size. Then the occasional thick line wouldn't be so terrible because I assume that my characters would also then be bigger. This is what I get when trying to save transparent paper.

Zero days left, three drawings to go, season finale approaching in the story. Have I learned something? To draw? Hmph. idk


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