Inktober day 24 - Dig

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Story continues


The rift was pulling her harder as it started to close so Rachel fought more. She vigorously swam trough the air and grabbed something, anything and hoped that this time that something would be attached to something else that could keep her put. Even though this cookery show world wasn't ideal, it was better than any unknown world that looked like it wasn't meant for rabbits like Rachel.

She held on to the edge of a big pot and to her surprise it was firmly attached to the floor. Or to the ground now that she took a second look. There was grass growing from the pot and Rachel thought that there still would be enough space for her to tuck herself in and wait for the rift to disappear. But as she stepped in to the pot, her paws went through the soft soil and she fell in to a deep hole. The hole continued as a small and tight tunnel and after a short pondering she decided to take her chances with the new unknown and do what Rabbits do second best. Or third best in Rachels case. She begun to dig and widen the tunnel. She dug and dug and dug and dug and dug and dug and dug and dug and dug and dug and dug and dug.

To be continued...

Where did it all start?
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That looks like the scribbles on my school book margins from my high school years. This also reminds me of all the 50 ways to draw the sun and a spruce. Ten ways to draw a rabbit. Should invent 40 more. There's the game rabbit, flame rabbit, wobbly rabbit, fairly normal rabbit, walks like an Egyptian rabbit, hairy rabbit, triangle rabbit, sharp rabbit, cube rabbit and Rachel Rabbit.

Added some shading and dust and speckle in photoshop.


Manually curated by EwkaW from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

!discovery 35

I love these little drawings...With all those episodes you must have so many books full of them!

Thanks! :) I've managed to throw away all my old school books and those were the only ones that I did draw to so no, no books with drawings anymore. Rachel Rabbit came with last years inktober so Hive is now my equivalent to school book pages. :)

They're fun and show a different side of you which I think is nice.

I hope you're well...Getting cold up your way I'd say; I got a video of @smallsteps all rugged up like a little Womble whilst she played at the beach. She's a cute little bugger. I miss her a lot. She gives the best hugs...Like a koala hug - Maybe that's the Australian in her. Lol.

Stay safe and stay warm.

I'm just wondering what kind of side I've been showing before my drawings. The horrible space vampire side? Sorry, my bad. I can't help it. It just keeps showing up. Especially at night.

10°C outside now. Warm. :D I hope winter will be really snowy and cold. -20°C from December till the end of March.

I hope you get to see and hug @smallsteps soon. You do know Finland is handling better this covid-19 situation than most countries in Europe? So if you get to have a longer break from work and decide to come here, the quarantine after testing and finding out the results before and after travelling shouldn't be that hard to handle. We also have dogs that sniff at the airport if you have covid so there's no waiting for the results. And you are relatively safe here in Finland. Or are the restrictions there the kind that you rather choose not to travel abroad at all?

You too! Stay safe. And warm. :)

Space vampire huh? My favourite kind! Lol.

I'm not worried so much about Finland, it's the getting there that's the issue. We will need to fly via Singapore (we always fly Singapore Airlines) but they stop over of course, and there is no direct flight to FIN from there. So, via Heathrow or Copenhagen, which is what we had booked for July this year. There's a few other options, but no direct flights in. We're a bit concerned about getting stuck somewhere and having to lock down for months. It's happening here domestically so there's a fair chance it happens in EU where the virus is a bit out of control.

With Faith's mum's issue we don't want to be far away. So, we'll have to wait.

You'll have all of that freezing cold temperature to yourself for now. Don't worry though, space vampire, I'll get there and we can hook up a munkki and coffee catch up. 😉

P.s. I know you don't like socialising much with strangers so if you want I'll go for munkki and coffee myself and do a post and tag you...That way you're insulated. 🤣

I just realized, after answering that there probably isn't a direct flight between Finland and Australia. :D Or with only one stop... So lots and lots of chances for things to go annoyingly wrong. And I understand you not wanting to leave now, even if there wasn't any covid roaming around.

OH NO! Sacrilege! You eating munkki in Tampere without me! I will most definitely be there, shouting to you from the distance, behind the tree. You know, social distancer of the year.

Everything will be fine, just as long as they have not started to add garlic to the munkkis and if you don't bring the...

Haha, no crosses and no garlic...Check.

You dressed up for munkkis and coffee with the G-dog.

I think that is to revealing. :D

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