Inktober day 23 - Rip

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Story continues


The theme song started again as Rachel tried to gather her thoughts and speak at least one, whole sentence. It played over and over again and each time got louder and louder. Eventually it was so loud that the pots around Rachel started to shake. Eggs rolled down to the floor and broke. Knives and spoons threw themselves off the table and ran away. And then everything started to float. Even Rachel. The music became weirdly distorted and ripped the air itself in half and revealed a world that was so gray that as it oozed it's dullness through the rift, the fear Rachel had felt changed to utter sadness. Slowly the gray world started to pull Rachel towards it. But Rachel didn't want to go. Not to this world. So she fought back.

To be continued...

Where did it all start?
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Oh Rachel oh Rachel. So you have no lower jaw. And your teeth are all wrong. Let me fix that for you in photoshop. Your creator also was lazy and didn't draw a gray world, only made it gray in photoshop. Oh dear Rachel. At least that rip topic is now gone. That was a challenging one.


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I am glad Rachel is back and hope you still have the 2019 artwork. You should really turn this into a proper book and get it sold. Heck why not a NFT but proper NFT book? Something. I was telling someone else I saw Rachel is back so now I have to catch up and have had this post open as a reminder since monday. I will be all caught up by the weekend for sure.

I save everything and Rachels adventures is saved of course on the paper sheets that I draw her to and on my computer.

I can't draw so the proper book has to wait until I do. :D I have only one drawing turned in to NFT art. It's on the extras number 12.