Inktober day 16-20 - Rocket, Storm, Trap, Dizzy, Coral

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Story continues


Tinnituf was on fire with her demands. "I want to explore strange new worlds. To seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no-one has gone before!" She was so exited, jumping and twirling, waving her arms around the machine that she switched couple nobs on, pressed and turned a third one and almost pushed the whole machine over. Crab King was incredibly fast and managed to save the machine from an eminent collision with the floor but the damage was already done.


The device started to tremble and shake. It created more and more fumes so that the whole bakery was full of smoke. As it's gravitation created a storm in and outside the house Crab King shouted: "Hold on to something or it will suck you in! And I do not know where it will take you!"


Everyone inside the house tried their best to hold on to something that was part of the house or nailed down on the floor or the walls. Rachel was so consumed by her own sad thoughts that by the time she noticed that something was wrong, it was too late for her. So she got sucked in to the machine.


Everything disappeared around her. She heard Tinnituf shout something but although she thought it was words that she should recognize, she had no idea what Tinnituf screamed. And then that was gone too. She only heard the hissing and popping of the machine, although she wasn't sure anymore if it was the machine that made the noise or was it her.


She felt funny. A little itchy. And bubbly. She felt like her head wasn't her own. That her arms and legs were fuzzy and wobbly. And that her teeth were soft. She felt sorry for some poor rabbit called Rachel but didn't quite understand why she felt like that.


And suddenly she was swimming in the sea. With the fishes. Breathing under water. Although the thing surrounding her didn't feel like water, but nevertheless she was swimming. In the air or in the water or something that was both at the same time, water and air.

To be continued...

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Wanted to do two dizzy images. First one to transparent paper with ink pen, second one with marker pen on top of the sketch. Oh boy the marker pen is so much easier. But it's also a little bit boring as it's so easy. And as my drawing skill isn't that good that I actually could draw what I want I still sometimes take the easy way out of this conundrum called inktober and do what I'm comfortable with. A logolike lines and kinda stick figures with no depth.

But I promise you that I will try to challenge myself more. Again. With images that aren't just one or two lines. So to speak.

@mimismartypants! I made Rachel swim with the fishy fishes! Although this may have not been what you meant but I say there's nothing wrong with understanding things literally.


Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
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