Inktober day 11-15 - Disgusting, Slippery, Dune, Armor, Outpost

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Story continues


"Okay." Rachel said to the Crab King "Sounds exiting. And I am happy that you like my doughnuts" she continued although she didn't feel happy at all. But as that is what one is supposed to say after a compliment, she said it. "I can make wishes come true too so do you have any special requests? Apple doughnuts? Seaweed doughnuts?"

"Yef! I have a wifh!" Jürgen the Teeth shouted and continued with a hopeful voice: "Would it be poffible to get a moufe doughnut? Or a rat doughnut? Dipped in blood? That would be exfellent."


Thinking about rat eating made Rachel even more sad because again she remembered the careless times with the little girl. She looked out the window to the backyard where she saw Jester and Jolene sliding down the icy hill and enjoying all the new things that crispy fall mornings and the upcoming winter had in store for happy and carefree kids.

"I'm sorry," Rachel turned to the Teeth, "We are all out of dead mice and rats but would you like to taste our maggot Titan Arum doughnuts? They say it tastes like a small, dead rodent so I think that could be the best choice for you."

"Yef Pleafe! Af long af it doefn't have garlic in it, I am allergic to garlic."


Tinnituf was fascinated. She run around the machine, pointed at everything and asked one question after another not even bothering to finish her sentences. "What does this... How is this possib... Where do you put... Why is this... What can I..."

"Hold on little Miss", Crab King said. "Let me do the knob turning and twisting. This is a delicate device that needs to be gently persuaded to do what we want it to do. Otherwise it might not work with us at all and we might end up with a hopeless and sulking hope machine like we had twenty-one moons ago. Remember that Mr Teeth?" Teeth nodded and continued stuffing more doughnuts to his mouth. "That was horrible time for us I say. That truly was. Me, King of the deep blue seas! King of the forests! King of all meadows, mountains and labyrinths with monsters in them. King of the open roads! Without my hope machine. We were literally hopeless back then."

"Hopeleff." Jürgen repeated.

"Now let me see... What are your hopes and dreams? Traveling to exotic places? Do you want to see a rainforest? The highest mountains in the world? Desert and the dunes? What do you want to be? Where do you want to go?"

The hope machine huffed and puffed and an image formed to it's smokey fumes.


"I want an armor!" Tinnituf shouted and before she had ended her sentence a second image replaced the first one.


"I want to protect everyone from terrible monsters somewhere at the edge of this world!"

To be continued...

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As you can see I did some corrections, changes, coloring and continued few lines in photoshop. When I thought it mattered. But also left some mistakes and pen tip bleedings because I just couldn't care less. I'm also trying to save my transparent paper because I have only eight sheets left. A terrible hassle to go and buy more paper that probably costs more than all the earnings that I've gotten from this and last years inktober posts. But eventually I have to do that. Just trying to postpone that as long as I can.

See you again tomorrow when the story and the horrible drawings continue.


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