My Art For Alopecia Areata Awareness

in Sketchbook3 months ago


I was searching for something to draw for the month of September and saw an article saying about Alopecia Areata Awareness month. When I hear the word alopecia I immediately think about baldness. Now that I read about it for my own awareness I found out that it is an auto immune kind wherein a person's own immune system is attacking that results to baldness. Could be the hair on the head or every hair on the body depending on the stage. This is for my awareness so that I would understand the person with this disease. It is a difficult struggle especially if you get diagnosed at a young age imagine the bullying you have to face. I drew this little girl with Alopecia universalis I think that is what they call it when all the hair is gone. I tried my best to show a beautiful girl despite the missing hair while at the same time showing the pain.

Hope this drawing caught your attention and learn something not only about the disease but the pain people had to deal with. If you want to share it please do so or create your own awareness post.

Thanks for your time