New sketch: Hopeful girl.

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Good morning beautiful Hiveians,

I bring to you my recent sketch. Its a drawing of a little girl, looking forward hopefully. Well, its a new day in anew week and im starting with an hopeful mind that this week will be better than the previous ones.

I used a cross hatching method to show the light reflections on her face and body. I also used tiny white strokes to show her long hair.

I drew this using Autodesk Sketchbook on my Tecno Camon 12 mobile phone.






Thanks for viewing my blog and have a wonderful day.


Beautiful drawing. But I have a question to ask . How do you make your strokes easily? Do you have a touch pen that you use or what?

Yes. I made a stylus pen. I made a post on how to make one. You can scroll down to check it so you can make one for your self. It makes drawing on phone easier.

Wow. Thank you. I will check through now