Ink Drawing Of A Dark Demon (June Daily Drawing Challenge)

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Hello Everyone
I present to you all my ink drawing of a demon for today's daily drawing challenge. The demon in my drawing is characterized by darkness and shadows that make it look scary. I'm a big fan of horror and scary movies, so making this drawing was quite exciting. I got my inspiration for this drawing from a book written by Hollowed Shadow.
I made this drawing with a black ball point pen and pelican paper.
Here are the steps involved;
First, I drew out the outline of the demon and added all its features.

Next, I began shading all the dark areas of the entity's body and also added some details to it.
Finally , I shaded the remaining parts of its body until I got an appealing result.
Thank you for reading and checking out my drawing. Stay safe and enjoy the rest of your day

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Thank you so much

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Thanks for your entry bro.
This is really fearsome!!😲


Thanks alot man

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