A painting at the height of fatigue

in Sketchbooklast month

Hello friends. I hope you are well.

I'm very tired. I think my brain is full of my students' noises.

It's been two days since my students' exams started and it is difficult for elementary students to take the exam online. Both the question must be asked and the students must be taught how to enter and answer the test.

I hope they open the school very soon and go to class. I'm really tired.

I turned off the phone and came to paint, maybe I can relax a little. I think my impatience affected my painting and I am not very happy with this painting.

I thought that if I painted a face with a beautiful smile, I might get a little tired, but I couldn't.

I have to lie down for a while and close my eyes to relax and then drink some hot tea.

Let's see the photos I took together.