A beautiful boy with curly hair

in Sketchbooklast month (edited)

salam. vaghti naghashiye post e ghabliro keshidam az in no naghashi kardan ( chehreye bacheha ) khosham omad.
be nazaram kheyli rahat tar az naghashi kardane sorate bozorgtar hast.
dar eyne sadegi az naghashi kardane in sorathaye ziba lezat mibaram.
makhsosan az naghashi kardane sorate in pesar bacheye mo ref feriye khoshgel o khoshtip.
cheshmhaye doroshteshon divane konandas.... chetur mishe kasi ba in mazlomtarin mojode donya bad raftari kone !!!!
sheytinihashonam jaleb o khande dare.
man ke az naghashiye chehreye bacheha daram lezat mibaram va hatman edame khaham dad.
baham be naghashiye man negah konim:
( chandta ax ham ba estefade az app Instagram gereftam ke bahatun share mikonam ta bebinid.)









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