Today's Sketch : Pug, Chicken, and Flowers and today is Floral Friday on my Vlog Come Join Me!

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Today's sketch WIP for a new piece


Using last week's Floral Friday arrangment I took some artistic license with the sketch


And added some animals.

Everything is better with animals I always say.

So a pug and chicken joined the fun

and i've just started to ink and play with colour today as well.



A fun gif of the worth thus far:


and as today is Floral Friday on my vlog again here is today's post,

with a NEW floral arrangment which will, of course, become artwork next week.

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Well, I hope all are having a lovely day

I am trying my hardest to stick with my Youtube/video schedule and mixing in my artwork as 'content' seems the most logical way to stay ahead of the game. I DO need to be in the studio daily and things DO need to get made, so a marriage of the two seems the most logical.

As we are never sure if the US will shut down again, I do think that video making is a good diversion

for if we must face Autumn and the holidays still isolated and quiet, feeling one is more 'connected' to the great world does help one's spirit.

Until tomorrow, have a lovely day

and throw some flowers in an old jam jar, it'll brighten your mood and lift your spirits no end!




Thought the chicken was a quail for a sec as you were drawing quails the other day XD most things are definitely better with animals. Love how derpy the alert pug looks xD

It's a pullet (young hen) so I can see how it has a quail look Lol and today I finished the piece @ryivhnn and am about to post it now! Trying to stay busy!

What do you mean tryin gto stay busy you look like you never stop being busy XD

Of course I didn't watch your video first. I'm making hamburger buns and I'm hungry :)

That is just super cool. I mean really. Good on you.

Hey ya Donna! Another great pug portrait :) It really is a wonderful piece.

Maybe I should send you another picture of Sam so you could let the pug rest for a while? Ahahahaha

I've been thinking of you quite a bit lately. There is a new thing here on Hive. NFT showroom. It's an art gallery and those artists are making some Hive for their art. Are you interested?

If you have any questions Julia Ponksford said you can DM her anytime. You'll find her at MSP discord. I'd really love to see you there.

I am going to check that out @bigtom13 especially if @juliakponsford is involved. I need to do more cryptointegrated artwork for sure!

WooHooo! I'd really love to see some of your art in the NFT showroom. Makes me a happy man!

Donna my dms are open anytime, or you can join the server where we have lots of info! I would love to have your art on there :)

👋 Hi @donnadavisart, I was flipping through the blockchain and stumbled on your work! You've been upvoted by Sketchbook / a community for design and creativity. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon.

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