Sharing another Witch Drawing and the Passing of my Dear sweet old Dog.

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Sharing another of my Witch drawings:


The entire piece:


Looking through my previous black and whites to share

I came across this one and it hit me particularly poignant.

My dear sweet dog just passed yesterday,

he was my companion some 20 years. I wouldn't think it would hit me as hard as it did, but alas, it has.

When one is so used to a little chap at your heels for so much of your life,

to have them gone leaves a bigger hole than you'd imagine. Especially as he was a 5 pound Chihuahua, but he thought he was a Great Dane!

He is buried now in my garden with my other sweet dog,

his doggie wife actually. The pair of them had the sweetest litter of puppies and what a moment in my life that was!

This drawing was meant to touch on the finite moment of lives

and of course my witch has her own companion familiar in the form of a helpful dog.

I don't know if I'll have another dog

as the hurt seems to made me ponder if it would be worth the joy of it again only to have the hurt at the end.

But, like my drawing here, Joy and Life, it seems, will always have a sting in it at the end.

I hope all of you are enjoying your days and if you have a dog or cat, hug them now and save this moment to look back on. The pictorial recollection of those lost does help somewhat.

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Sorry about that, but I hope you get a new dog. I know from recent experience that watching life continuing in crazy little bodies with crooked glasses and sandals is a good thing. Same with paws and fur.

I really love the drawing, but no surprise there.

Thank you so @katharsisdrill Oddly enough I had thought, once my old friend goes, I'd not get another such pet as I HOPE one day to return to my spending part of the year in the UK. However, with the way our country is going, I'm not sure WHEN international travel WILL resume and WHAT it will look like when it does.

Thus , if the hassle of travel is far too much for me (vaccines, microchips et al) then I'll hang my hat shed a tear for my dear old England and then probably get a dog, as I'd not have to worry about him.

I've had small dogs my entire life, but I thought, I should have a large one. Not only as they don't live as long (I know that sounds morbid) but sometimes walking in our collective wood surrounding the area we live, though it is meant to be private for just those of us living out here on the point, I sometimes have come upon a bit 'rough town folk' and have thought, Gee if I had a Scottish Deerhound or a big Setter, I'd feel safer.

Who can say?

Well, I can see the thing with travelling. Animals are a bit hard to move. But who knows how movement will look in the coming years?

I have a reader of Phill in Texas that has an English otterhound. A very rare breed. We never had a dog, but my wife is a real dog person and I knew she would love one of those when I saw it. Seems it was suddenly not a good idea to hunt otters anymore and then it dwindled in numbers.

Aww sorry about doggo :<

Sadly the sting is needed so we know just how good the good things are.


So true. I keep doing things like checking to see if he needs to go out and then remembering... :(

I remember that feeling well, had the same thing thinking my cat was in the area and waiting for her to jump up on my lap well after she'd gone :<