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good weekend everyone here a 100% illustration remembering when I illustrated tattoo designs


When I was starting in the world of tattoos, learning and going step by step, only these insects were the ones that I liked to design the most and, if possible, I did works that were not seen by other artists

as any drawing starts as a sketch, then lines and last colors, this post is short but the idea is to show a little of everything I do :D



I hope you like it, soon more works, designs and other ideas2r8F9rTBenJQonvFkRsaKAi9fqQ1Q2oBjHpzftMJKB1fYZhEz2J5QLEUT9kNAAovb2Bc6ZCJXSMzG6DLLdDrmdEwXBTnY5wWnGB3jNvAUPMxW2MUbhz5zPMbgUSa73qev.png

TWITTER https://twitter.com/damoclesart

FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/adrian.martinorsini

BEHANCE https://www.behance.net/damocles


Are there many people who get insects tattooed? I would never have thought about that ahah! Interesting

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Yes quite a lot of people the truth, google insect tattoos and you will see quite a few examples :) it is more common than you think

Wow, I find it a very particular subject 😊 thanks for the answer, have a nice day!

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beautiful beetle, i drew one today too, if you are interested in see it and say your opinion i will appreciate it Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle


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