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Last Friday, the electricity went down for a few hours, and with no digital material to work on - I turned to a simple blue pen, one of those used to write a quick note, the grocery list or to put a signature on some document.


I started drawing some kind of anatomy - doodle ... a face ... then another face ... a contorted hand ... stuff that at the end inevitably turn into some monstrosity :) ... When it looked relatively finished ...


... I photographed the drawing and this morning, I transferred the thing into the PC and continued to play with it in Photoshop ... here you see the results ... while in the following GIF ...


... you can see what happened when I tried to add a bit of motion.

IMG_6238 malo.jpg

This is the original pen on paper drawing.

IMG_6240 artsy MALO.jpg

I did another drawing on Friday ...

IMG_6239 CB MALO.jpg

... the procedure was more or less the same ... minus the animation.

IMG_6239 malo.jpg

And for the end - the simple original drawing.

As always in these posts on HIVE, the artwork and the animation are in all segments, my work.


Despite their anatomical challenges, they seem to be in a good mood :))

:D)))) :D :D

@tipu curate :)

They are several monsters in one, in the gif the eyes of some move I like because it makes them more human, it seems to me that you achieved something that you were not looking for, that shows that you have a good imagination to create, I like it