Upcycling a drawing, and ...SEE YOU LATER ALLIGATOR !

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hello Lovelies of the bright summer !hello les amis de l'été ensoleillé !
Here I am ready for a road trip to the West (of France), so I leave you with my alligator that has a message for you:Me voilà prête pour un road trip vers l'Ouest (de la France), alors je vous laisse en compagnie de mon alligator que j'ai chargé d'un message pour vous :


you may remember this charming character splashing around in the waters of the lake Annecy ...?vous vous souvenez peut-être de ce charmant personnage barbotant dans les eaux du lac d'Annecy...?


and if you have been following me for a while, you may have already seen his realization of which I had posted the images .. I put them back here for the Sketchbook community that might also be interested to see the creation 😉et si vous me suivez depuis longtemps vous avez peut-être déjà vu sa réalisation dont j'avais posté les images ..je les remets ici pour la communauté Sketchbook que cela pourrait également intéresser de voir 😉



well this time I made an animated version by reworking it in Procreate on Ipadeh bien cette fois j'en ai fait une version animée en le retravaillant dans Procreate sur Ipad
and here is my alligator in a more restless version and which will be my goodbye message for the next two weeks! 😊et voici mon alligator en version plus remuante et qui sera mon message d'au-revoir pour les deux prochaines semaines ! 😊


During these two weeks I will make myself available for my holidays and for my family that we are going to visit,Durant ces deux semaines je vais me rendre disponible pour mes vacances et pour ma famille que nous allons visiter,
I might post from my Ipad and share moments of our journey...that would I enjoy a lot of course ! My comments on the other hand will be more limited, but I will try to take a little time each day to come and read your posts and upvote them, you will know then that I have stopped by, and do not be surprised if I don't leave comments 😉il est possible que je poste depuis mon Ipad et partage des instants de notre périple, cela me ferait bien sûr plaisir ! Mes commentaires par contre seront plus limités, mais je tacherai de prendre un peu de temps chaque jour pour venir lire vos posts et les upvoter, vous saurez alors que je suis passée et ne vous étonnez pas donc pas si je ne laisse pas de commentaires 😉


And a wonderful summer time to all ! 😊


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You will be missed, but, I love your goodbye messenger! :)

Bisous! Bisous!

Upped and Reposted


Hehe he surely does love you Too !
Thank you much my Denise and 496FE6944D8A4898AC36458DDFAA9BDC.png 😘

You too, my friend!

Have fun with your family. The alligator looks awesome, of course!

C1DE9AB2B6A84DEFAD56E06AA19059B8.png my dear @sunscape !:))

What a lovely alligator...it looks it has sharp teeth but also a nice colored skin :) have a nice day my friend

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 18 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

The alligator seems to love the lake haha! Great artwork! Enjoy your trip :D

9D1C0DA1273B4A508DCF1CCE92EFF4F7.png very much @razeiv ! :))

I am already missing you so much! Have a grand holiday, luv!

I hope you do indeed...lol...it would mean I'm kinda useful on the place =D
Thanks for your good wishes Mel, this is new for me to take a real break from the screen ! even if at the same time I enjoy to keep a link with you and for that I'm very blessed to have my Ipad where I was able to store my little creatures stickers that I can add to my comment :))

You are missed VERY much! You do so much here and it's impossible to make everything work without you!
You are using the @Ecency website. I have not figured out how to get links to posts there, either!
@good-karma? How do we a a link to a post on the website?

On website? Usually browser address bar has/shows a link to post, you can copy there, unless you are asking something different?!

@good-karma well that's easy enough! 😂 I guess I was expecting something like the app has with a menu to choose from. Talk about overlooking the obvious! 😜

sometimes it's okay to be OFF electronics
and ON to life in nature 🤗

I wish you nice moments with your family 💕

BE19A4A560324CCD903B4A2CAD54AE83.png Much @rozku !:)

Enjoy your holiday dear Barbara!
Have splendid time with your family! ❤

424AB6E3342F4D93AAEE42FC2F631F62.pnghow nice of you my dear :) thanks a lot !

okay, i am more attracted to the ipad than your alligator.... sorry...
Lovely photo of the lake btw

Thank you ;-)

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Beautiful drawing friends

Thanks !