Fruity Family , you will never feel alone again....[ENG-FR]

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you can never really get bored when you're creative ...on ne peut jamais vraiment s'ennuyer quand on est créatif...
A simple plate of fruit can become an interesting and entertaining playground, really ... 😁Une simple assiette de fruits peut devenir un intéressant et distrayant terrain de jeu , vraiment...😁


I was looking at this fruit plate when suddenly the evidence jumped out at me:J'étais en train de regarder cette assiette de fruits quand tout à coup l'évidence m'a sauté aux yeux :
I was not alone in this kitchen and a bunch of characters were waiting for a pencil stroke to come forward.Je n'étais pas seule dans cette cuisine et un tas de personnages étaient en trai d'attendre un coup de crayon pour se manifester
You see them too, right ? ... Tell me that you see them !Vous aussi vous les voyez hein ?...Dites moi que vous les voyez !


The big banana and its cap, the sweet pear that tickles the young one, and the plum pet that has been part of the family since the time it was collected from the field in which it had fallen on a windy day. ... you see them now, hugh ? 🤪La grande banane et son bonnet , la gentil poire qui chatouille la jeune poire, et la bestiole prune domestique qui fait partie de la famille depuis le temps qu'on l'a recueillie du champ dans lequel elle était tombée un jour de grand vent....vous les voyez hein maintenant ? 🤪






Now you won't be able to say that you didn't know ...Maintenant vous ne pourrez plus dire que vous ne saviez pas...
They are everywhere and you just need to squint your eyes a little to see them because they are just begging to be surprised and to be drawn ....Ils sont partout et il suffit de plisser les yeux un peu pour les voir car ils ne demandent qu'à être surpris et à être dessiné....
frankly, there's no way to get bored with a little creativity 😉franchement, ya pas moyen de s'ennuyer avec un peu de créativité 😉

I wish you abigwigpig_delightfulday.png Lovelies !


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That is hilarious:D

Happy you enjoyed it 🤪thank_you_whale.png @edgarsart 😉

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Week 22 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thank you lovely bot ! 😉

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Hey @barbara-orenya, here is a little bit of BEER from @pixresteemer for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Hehe, nice ideas! Nice creativity! I love it! 😀😄😃😍

TY éléphant.png @jadeaca 😉

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You have an adorable fruit bowl 😉

❤️ friendly fruit 🤗

Daddy Banana, and Pear care made me smile widely!


coool...I'm happy they did !😊 chat colorful day.png @qwerrie 😉

So cute! It's even a pity to eat those fruits afterwards i bet lol

LoL yes...I remembered them with their cute face while eating them...😄 Luckily I still can make the difference between my 2 worlds, the concrete and the imaginary one ..😅😂

But that means that you are not a true vegetarian now lol

Because i eat imaginary friends fruits..? 😂

Personalized, with faces and character! lol

i don't say i do not feel a little guilt when eating them...

Heh heh, they were too cute not to :)

Uhm... Yeah, sure, we uhm... See them too...

You are the funnest artist I have ever encountered Barbara, I mean that 100% beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Although, I do have to declare you as joyfully, and creatively insane!!!


You make the Hive more fun, more colourful, cute and joyous just by being in it... Don't ever change my friend, you are bloody amazing! :D

thanks a bunch @stevenwood 😊
now your comment drives me even more joyful poire.gif


Well then it is a good day because everybody wins!

Stay awesome Barbara, catch-up with you soon :D

Ahhhh , you crack me up you have done them in such a cute way they should be entered in a cartoon movie 😅